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Playoffs! Divisional Series Show Down!

Ok ok, by now, you know we absolutely ADORE fall. Other than a plethora of football games to choose from every Sunday and the beginning of the NHL season–we also get the best and most exciting baseball series’ of the year! There’s NOTHING like October baseball. The importance of every game is tangible and sometimes it gets lost in the every day shuffle of a 162 game season. While I occasionally get distracted from baseball by other fun summer activities (just ask @ihatejjredick…I’m not sure the last time I even perused the action in our fantasy league), my eyes are glued to baseball in October. While not unexpected, neither Chicago team is in the hunt for a championship this year…shocker. So true to Chicks Dig Sports fashion–here’s our last minute-quick and dirty picks for the divisional series.

Cincinnati Reds vs. Philadelphia Phillies

While it should be crystal clear that I’m absolutely NO fan of anything Philadelphia, (not even its  cheese steak), the Phillies are the one thing from  that city that doesn’t irk every fiber of my being. Maybe it’s because I went to too many games at the Vet growing up, but dare I say, the Phillies are actually likeable. The killer rotation of Halladay, Oswalt and Hamels  is frightening to opposing teams. Add in the playoff experience of this team-Utley, Werth, Rollins and they should be set up for a nice divisional series. The Cincinnati Reds, who are making their first playoff appearance in 15 years and have showed a spark all season, won’t be doormats. But experience will lead the Phillies to victory. (Prediction-Phillies in 3)

Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants

Much like the Phillies, the Giants have a killer pitching rotation. However, different from the Phillies, I don’t think they’re going to win their divisional series. Why you ask? Well, Atlanta has a lot more to play for-since its legend Bobby Cox’s final tour in the Major Leagues–this motivation should give them the edge over the Giants. Let’s not forget either that the Braves led the majors with 25 victories in its final at bat–separate from the team’s 45 comeback victories. It truly isn’t over ’til it’s over with this team and I think, although the Giants will put up a valiant effort) they’re primed to move to the NLCS. (Prediction: Braves in 5)

Texas Rangers  vs. Tampa Bay Rays

I like the Rays in this one. Entering the post season for the third consecutive year (twice as AL East Champions) the Rays are HUNGRY for a World Series title. The little team that could–that has to give away tickets to home games, no less–shows no signs of letting up until they win the big prize. They’ve cooled off a little since jumping out to a 34-18 record over the first two month of play–albeit SLIGHTLY. The Rangers, who are making their first playoff appearance in 11 years have some great talent–but in their three previous playoff runs, they’ve exited in the ALDS–this year should prove no different. (Prediction: Rays in 4)

Minnesota Twins vs. New York Yankees

The New York Yankees begin their title defense the same way last year’s run to a championship began, with a  division series rematch against the Minnesota Twins.  Both teams are coming off of abysmal September’s and although the Twins have home field advantage and the Yankees have lost in the divisional series the previous three times they entered as a wild card, I think the Yanks have the edge due to C.C. Sabbathia. Who, if necessary, will be ready for a game 5. Sabbathia is one of the most dominant pitchers in the game and has beaten the Twins the last six times he’s faced them. This will tip the scales to the Yankees favor. (prediction: Yankees in 4)

Are you ready for some playoff baseball? Who you got in the various divisional series?

Talk to us people 🙂



Sports Digest 9.15.2010

Fall is in full swing, as the weather in Chicago reminds us every morning. With football back, MLB races heating up and another U.S. Open in the books, Chicks Dig Sports Too is over-due for a sports digest.


New York Jets-I’m sticking with my pick of the Jets going to the Super Bowl. Did they play horribly on Monday night? YES. Their sloppy play resulted in one converted third-down the entire night, Cromartie had more dumb penalties than he has children and don’t even get me started on Keller’s fourth down play which was one of the biggest bone-head plays I’ve ever seen. A pathetic offensive performance, yes, however the Jets defense DID hold the Ravens to 10 points (albeit, the Raven’s offense was pretty horrendous.) With DT Jenkins out, it will be an uphill battle for the Jets but ‘m not flip-flopping- it’s just week one. Team’s should be playing their worst ball, and the bright side is, the Jets offense can’t get much worse. Maybe Sanchez had the jitters, maybe he’s an awful quarterback, time will tell, but I’m not ready to bail yet. Am I concerned? Sure but not ready to call a fire drill just yet.

Perhaps exchanging recipes after the game??

Pittsburgh Steelers-The Steelers fought hard for that win on Sunday and they deserved it. Dixon performed fine, which is exactly how he needed to-controlling the ball and having as few turnovers as possible. With an inexperienced QB (and a  usually solid kicker that inexplicably froze TWICE in his home stadium) the rest of the team, especially the steel-curtain defense, stepped up to secure the win…and don’t even get me started on Hines Ward’s layout catch in the second quarter. With the win over the Falcons, the Steelers are already better than worse-case scenario of going 0-4 without Ben, which is huge. Hopefully they can scrape together another win against the Titans on Sunday.

Mendenhall Rushes for the Game-Winning TD

Washington Redskins-I love when games come down to one play–under the lights on a Sunday night is about as primetime as you can get. For what it’s worth, Dallas QB Tony Romo did a great job of leading his team down the field and was an inch away from stealing the game at FedEx field (another bonehead play to end the game). But I was impressed with Washington. Shanahan appears to have whipped this team into shape. McNabb is playing well and they seemed way more prepared than I gave them credit for. In a far departure from the previous 15 years of my life, I actually am warming up to the idea (read: would relish every second of) McNabb winning a Super Bowl WITHOUT Philly. It would be just desserts to a city that treated him like garbage for a majority of his time there…hmm. I like the thought of it 😀

Philadelphia Eagles-Ugh. A quarterback “controversy” in week 1? Philly I am so over how easily your love can be bought. In my opinion, there should have never been a “controversy” to begin with–Vick’s your guy.


The Twins are on FIRE which is unfortunate for the White Sox who have been playing their best ball all season. A  crushing 9-3 loss last night may have delivered the final blow to the team. As a Cubs fan, I’m not sure what’s worse–being 20 games back in July and continuing down a spiral of misery through October, or having a glimpse of hope towards the end of the season and having it extinguished. But I will tell you one thing–it’s rough to be a freaking Chicago sports fan.

Ian Kinsler of the Texas Rangers is appealing his one game suspension with the MLB. I’m torn on this one–however, being ejected means you cannot be a part of on-field activities and  Kinsler’s boyhood excitement for a walk-off home-run, which is undeniably charming, can’t be claimed as a reason for not abiding by the rules. With the Rangers magic number down to 10 with 18 games to play, I think he should just serve it and move on while they have some wiggle room to lose a game or two. I would hate for this to get tied up and have him serve it at a later time when they need him in the game (i.e. magic number is two with three games to play.)

U.S. Open

Another U.S. Open is in the books and I couldn’t be happier about comeback kid Kim Clijsters and perennial powerhouse Rafael Nadal winning the Slam in singles.  For Clijsters, a former number 1 who retired due to injuries in 2007, it was her second-straight U.S. Open win, making her the first woman to achieve this feat since Venus Williams did it in 2000-2001.

Clijsters Wins U.S. Open

In typical fashion, Rafael Nadal was dominant in his  performance in Flushing-dropping only one set in seven matches at the Open. At 24 years old, this win gives Rafa a career grand slam, as well as a “golden slam”-all four grand slam titles and a gold medal. (Sidenote: at 24, my biggest slam accomplishment is housing the free Denny’s Grand Slam on my birthday…but I digress :-)) Rafael Nadal is poised to pass Federer as the best tennis player of all time (given their head-to-head record, he already has in my opinion), and I, for one, couldn’t be happier for him.

What are your thoughts ont his crazy week in sports? Are the Jets really that bad? Are the ‘Skins that good? Should Kinsler appeal his one game suspension? How much of the Open did you watch?

Talk to us people…from traffic numbers (which have been INSANE the past few weeks..thank you! :-D) we know you’re lurking…we’d love to hear from you!



Take Me Out to the Rooftop

Back in July, we pledged to take the Chicago Challenge, in which we completely immerse ourselves in Chicago sporting culture by attending as many professional and collegiate events as possible within the next year. 

Well, we are proud to say that we have officially begun to cross events off our Chicago bucket list. Yesterday, I went to see the New York Mets take on the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. And yes, while I have been to a plethora of Cubs games during my 18 month stint in Chicago, this is the first time that I experienced the legendary rooftop experience. 

Ivy League Baseball Club

 Having bought the tickets from Groupon two months ago, my roomie Sam and I were giddy with anticipation. We arrived early, as there are actually a limited amount of seats available outside. (Sam took a quick detour and won a free bucket of Uncle Fabyan’s popcorn).  

Roomies in line for the game! 🙂

 The doors opened about an hour before the game. The cost of the ticket included all you can eat and drink until a half hour after the game. We were impressed by the selection of food: hot dogs, italian beef, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, ice cream sundae bar, cappuccino bar, as well as the variety of  beverages to choose from. It pretty much is the best deal ever, especially when you get it through Groupon. 

Italian Beef and Pasta Salad

 It was absolutely awesome to take in the game and bask in the sun on the rooftop. Although, we did find it harder to focus on the game, as there was so much to take in from the eagle-eye view. 

In true Cubs fashion, we got absolutely embarrassed and gave up 21 hits for 18-5 loss. But , I suppose it wouldn’t be immersing myself in the Chicago sports experience if the Cubs were winning, or even competitive…right? The fact that Geovany Soto hit a home-run was good enough for me.   

Beautiful Day for a Gut-Wrenching Loss

 So, one down 15 to go in the Chicago Sports challenge … if the rest of the events prove half as fun as yesterday, we’re in for an exciting year 🙂

 As always, leave us your comments! We love to know what you think!



Chicks Dig Sports Pledges to Take The Chicago Challenge

This weekend was chock-full of fantastic sporting events–Part Deux of the Cross City Classic, US putting up a valiant effort in the World Cup and the FANTASTIC rumor that Lebron James is making his next home right here in Chi-town.

So I present to you the first ever Chicks Dig Sports Chicago Challenge.  Beginning July 1st, I’m pledging to make it to as many professional sporting events  (and a few collegiate) games within the next 365 days! Chronicling every step of the way, CDS’ number one objective by July 1, 2011 is to immerse ourselves in Chicago sporting culture. See below for our list of sporting events we are planning to attend. Are we missing any? We’d LOVE to get suggestions, tips and encouragement! (That’s why we’re posting before we start!)  😀

Chicks Dig Sports Chicago Challenge 2010-2011

What are we missing? We’d LOVE your input!! Looking forward to going on this exciting adventure and sharing every step of the way with you! 😀



Question: What’s Cooler Than a Fathead Jr?!


Hi Everyone!

Hope you used the weekend to recharge, enjoy the weather and take in your fair share of spring sports! I for one went to a double-header DePaul/Rutgers softball game and watched plenty of the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and maybe even caught an inning or two of that 20-inning marathon between the Mets and Cards yesterday!

In the spirit of spring sports (namely the return of the MLB) Fathead is running an awesome April promotion! For those of you that don’t know–Fatheads are peel and stick-high definition images of your favorite players and teams! They are safe for walls, durable and spice up anyone’s man cave (or in my case, my living room!)

Kobe Fathead

Everyday in the month of April, Fathead will be giving away a free MLB Fathead Jr! You only have to enter once and you’re eligible for every drawing. Additionally, you’ll be entered to win a $500 Fatheads giveaway! To enter to win a free Fathead Jr. simply fill out the form here: Fathead April Giveaway Entry

That’s not it though! Since Fathead and I both love my readers so much…we’re going to give you some extra stuff! Look around the site and enter this coupon code (SML15C) for 15% off of select Fathead products. Don’t want to pay for shipping? You don’t have to! Simply use (SMLSHP1) for free shipping on your Fathead order.

Now–the inevitable disclaimer–I was approached by Fathead to write a blog post about the April promotion, and they of course, sent me a free Fathead Jr. (My apartment instantly has more street cred in Chicago with my beloved Cubs Fathead Jr. Logo!)

Cubs Fathead Jr!

BUT Fathead didn’t need to give me promotional codes for my readers, and they did — so thanks a bunch Fathead for hooking all of us up  🙂

Do you know anyone that has a Fathead? What MLB player would you like adorned over your wall?

Talk to me people! 🙂



Mark McGwire?! You’ve Got to be Kidding Me! (Sarcasm)

In the wake of Mark McGwire admitting to using steroids during his entire career, I have decided to start a regular column called ‘No Shit.’ So eleven days into 2010, we get our first no shit moment of the decade.  Mark McGwire used steroids? NO SHIT. Next thing you’re going to tell me that Britney Spears isn’t a virgin, Sarah Palin is going to join Fox news, it doesn’t matter who wins American Idol and there is no Santa Claus.

So my reaction to Mark McGwire admitting to ‘juicing’ is simply: No Shit. Anyone that thinks that Mark McGwire was clean is an idiot.  A flat out idiot. Especially when he was RIDICULOUSLY evasive in 2005 while testifying in front of Congress. I don’t believe that McGwire came clean because he has a tinge of conscious bugging him after he is hired as the Cardinals hitting coach. I think he is using this as an opportunity to tell us what we already know. What I think ultimately prompted his decision was the fact that this year, his FOURTH year being eligible for the Hall of Fame, he still only received less than 25% of the vote. I think McGwire thought he might be able to garner a few more votes by telling us what we already knew. However, he is NEVER going to get in the Hall of Fame now. Don’t get me wrong, he was never going to get in anyway, because he did the crime, but coming clean really has no significance.

The bigger overall issue is steroids in baseball. (Note: I did not say sports.) At this juncture, no one should ever suspect that any player in the MLB is NOT on steroids. I cannot say, with any certainty, that Albert Pujols has never used steroids, or Cal Ripken Jr., or Mark Texiera, can’t say it about Miguel Tejada or Johnny Damen…hell I don’t even know if I say any of the greats–those that we all admire from the 20’s to 40’s where baseball had a certain magic to it–are innocent.  After seeing a long list of our heros fall,(Barry Bonds, McGwire, ARod, Palmero, Conseco, Clemens –cause he DID– etc), can anyone trust any MLB players? Unfortunately, steroid use is just part of the game, and has been for a long time. Probably longer than any of us ever dare to imagine. The witch hunt and testing has really just become popular of the past 15 years or so.

In my day life, I work in the public relations profession and few public relations blunders scale to the level of insanity that Major League Baseball and steroids stirs. Baseball needs to decide what to do. Do we wipe out all the records and start over? Do we actually PUNISH people who are caught instead of slapping them on the wrist? (Other than just not giving them entrance into Cooperstown)? Should the MLB actually get serious about finding who is taking steroids and who isn’t? at the very least…can we CONTROL THE LEAKS?!  One thing is for certain, their method right now ain’t cutting it. I said last year, after it “leaked” that ARod tested positive for steroids in 2003, that Major League baseball should have interfered and released the ENTIRE list. AND no, I DON’T think that’s going to far. Why should ARod have to crucify and burn alone when admittedly over 120 other players tested positive in the same year? If you want to make steroids a big deal and discourage players from using them, how about embarrassing them and ruining their legacy when they test positive. How about blowing the whistle on their endorsement deals?! How about you DON’T LET MCGWIRE COACH since he has admitted to CHEATING in the game of baseball? Let’s ban him for life like you did with Pete Rose.  This slap on the wrist shit is what got the MLB in trouble in the first place. I mean, Money Ramirez gets suspended 100 games for taking Viagra (allegedly…ha) and the MLB is protecting the other people on the list (and don’t give me that shit about a players union)

So I guess what I’m trying to say, is that someone needs to step in and fix this mess of steroids in the MLB. Do we care or do we not? Personally, I don’t. I assume everyone is juiced….and it doesn’t ruin the game for me ONE Iota. I’m a HUGE baseball fan and I just don’t care about steroids. I just get pissed when we decide to ostracize some players and not others, when we choose to say it’s a big deal but not ACT like it’s a big deal. I’m over this story, so let’s decide what to do…Ball’s in your court, Selig.

What are your takes on steroids in baseball? Is ANYONE clean anymore? Does it ruin the game for you? Do you think this is the biggest ‘no shit’ of the steroid “bombshells?” Talk to me people. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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