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Take Me Out to the Rooftop

Back in July, we pledged to take the Chicago Challenge, in which we completely immerse ourselves in Chicago sporting culture by attending as many professional and collegiate events as possible within the next year. 

Well, we are proud to say that we have officially begun to cross events off our Chicago bucket list. Yesterday, I went to see the New York Mets take on the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field. And yes, while I have been to a plethora of Cubs games during my 18 month stint in Chicago, this is the first time that I experienced the legendary rooftop experience. 

Ivy League Baseball Club

 Having bought the tickets from Groupon two months ago, my roomie Sam and I were giddy with anticipation. We arrived early, as there are actually a limited amount of seats available outside. (Sam took a quick detour and won a free bucket of Uncle Fabyan’s popcorn).  

Roomies in line for the game! 🙂

 The doors opened about an hour before the game. The cost of the ticket included all you can eat and drink until a half hour after the game. We were impressed by the selection of food: hot dogs, italian beef, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad, pasta salad, ice cream sundae bar, cappuccino bar, as well as the variety of  beverages to choose from. It pretty much is the best deal ever, especially when you get it through Groupon. 

Italian Beef and Pasta Salad

 It was absolutely awesome to take in the game and bask in the sun on the rooftop. Although, we did find it harder to focus on the game, as there was so much to take in from the eagle-eye view. 

In true Cubs fashion, we got absolutely embarrassed and gave up 21 hits for 18-5 loss. But , I suppose it wouldn’t be immersing myself in the Chicago sports experience if the Cubs were winning, or even competitive…right? The fact that Geovany Soto hit a home-run was good enough for me.   

Beautiful Day for a Gut-Wrenching Loss

 So, one down 15 to go in the Chicago Sports challenge … if the rest of the events prove half as fun as yesterday, we’re in for an exciting year 🙂

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