Question: What’s Cooler Than a Fathead Jr?!


Hi Everyone!

Hope you used the weekend to recharge, enjoy the weather and take in your fair share of spring sports! I for one went to a double-header DePaul/Rutgers softball game and watched plenty of the NBA playoffs, NHL playoffs, and maybe even caught an inning or two of that 20-inning marathon between the Mets and Cards yesterday!

In the spirit of spring sports (namely the return of the MLB) Fathead is running an awesome April promotion! For those of you that don’t know–Fatheads are peel and stick-high definition images of your favorite players and teams! They are safe for walls, durable and spice up anyone’s man cave (or in my case, my living room!)

Kobe Fathead

Everyday in the month of April, Fathead will be giving away a free MLB Fathead Jr! You only have to enter once and you’re eligible for every drawing. Additionally, you’ll be entered to win a $500 Fatheads giveaway! To enter to win a free Fathead Jr. simply fill out the form here: Fathead April Giveaway Entry

That’s not it though! Since Fathead and I both love my readers so much…we’re going to give you some extra stuff! Look around the site and enter this coupon code (SML15C) for 15% off of select Fathead products. Don’t want to pay for shipping? You don’t have to! Simply use (SMLSHP1) for free shipping on your Fathead order.

Now–the inevitable disclaimer–I was approached by Fathead to write a blog post about the April promotion, and they of course, sent me a free Fathead Jr. (My apartment instantly has more street cred in Chicago with my beloved Cubs Fathead Jr. Logo!)

Cubs Fathead Jr!

BUT Fathead didn’t need to give me promotional codes for my readers, and they did — so thanks a bunch Fathead for hooking all of us up  🙂

Do you know anyone that has a Fathead? What MLB player would you like adorned over your wall?

Talk to me people! 🙂



1 Response to “Question: What’s Cooler Than a Fathead Jr?!”

  1. May 17, 2010 at 8:15 am

    Good stuff here.

    Please follow me on Tumblr at http://www.smallcollegebasketball.tumblr.com.

    Thank you.


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