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Sports Digest 3.25.2010

I’m happy to say that Spring is here! Although you may not even be able to tell in Chicago, spring doesn’t just signify the awesome changing of the physical seasons but also the changing of the sporting seasons. So here is what I’m looking forward to most in may (hint, WELCOME BACK MLB!)

Final Four/Men’s Championship

We’ve see a lot of good basketball over the season, and especially last weekend. Come April, it will be time for everyone to put their  money where there mouth is. The four best teams in the country will be left standing. Which will then provide us with three amazing games to see who ends up being the NCAA champion. (My money’s on Syracuse but, then again, isn’t it always?)

Major League Baseball

MLB, welcome back from friend. For some reason, the MLB off-season seems to drag on longer than any other. Maybe cause the league plays for a majority of the year. But I’m ready to see my cubbies win the 2010 World Series. (What? A girl can dream! :-D) But I’m most excited to go to games. There’s nothing like heading to Wrigley, grabbing a few bears and taking in a baseball game in the sunshine. Yes, Wrigley is cool when Elton John and Billy Joel are rocking it, and it’s also cool when it’s frozen over for ice skating at various points in the winter. But let’s get serious. Wrigley’s for baseball and I cannot wait to head to my first 2010 game there! (Pirates vs. Cubs, May 15). Oh, and it also marks the return of one of the most hilarious Web sites ever. (The rationale behind it is hilarious)

The Masters

I’m not a golf fan. I won’t watch one second of the Masters. But why am I excited? Because maybe after Tiger Woods gets his “first appearance” over with (and analyzed to DEATH before, during and after), we will finally get the media circus to die down about his personal life. He’s holding a third press conference…really Tiger? Really? I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again. Tiger Wood’s love life is absolutely none of my business. I could care less that he’s a sadistic, power-hungry, slut banging machine. I don’t give a shit what his text messages say, I don’t care how many people he’s been outside his marriage with. I never bought anything because Tiger Woods did…I don’t have kids, but I don’t know ANY kids that look up to Tiger. (If they are, maybe that’s something to look at…a golfer? Really?!) So Masters please come and go and then PLEASE can we put death to this Tiger Woods story? I’ll say it before and I’ll say it again…WHO CARES?!?!

NFL Draft

I remember the good old days back in college, when the NFL draft was one of the biggest party days of the year. We’d get a keg and watch the draft…which always took all day. The NFL draft is really awesome. I mean, who would have predicted a few years ago that the Miami Dolphins would pick Ted Ginn Jr. over Brady Quinn?! However, the changes the NFL is starting to make is driving me nuts. Cutting the clock down from 15 minutes to 10 minutes to speed things up, I could live with that. However, now the NFL is trying to market the draft as a marquee event and moved it into prime time. On a Thursday night. That’s where you lost me. Because the Saturday at Noon, fifteen minute format is what was so awesome about the draft. You could discuss potential pics and trades, you could run to the bathroom you could do all sorts of stuff. And, as a fan, fifteen minutes is the perfect amount of time to make you sweat while you’re waiting on your team’s first round pick.

The rationale behind the prime time move is that it’s the most watched night of the week. Well, DUH. Any show that’s worth anything is on Thursday night. The NFL thinks they can compete with Thursday night juggernauts? REALLY NFL?! REALLY?! List of TV Shows the NFL draft will go up against: Community, Parks & Rec, The Office, 30 Rock, Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Project Runway, one of the NCIS’, one the CSI’s, Vampire Diaries (?), gotta be a cake boss/ace of cakes, and maybe even a No Reservations with Anthony Bourdain…just to name a few. Guess what NFL?! You’re going to lose. Because if I know one thing, a man’s NFL draft will fall to the power of his wife’s weekly McDreamy fix.

So I’m excited to see who my Steelers take, but I’m bummed that you robbed me of a semi-holiday in April, NFL.

What sporting events are YOU looking forward to in April? What did I leave off? Are you digging the NFL change?! Talk to me people…and Happy Spring! 🙂



Catch A Tiger By The Toe

As I’m sure you’ve heard by now, the Tiger Woods apology tour kicks off tomorrow at 11am ET. Pardon me, while I’m a little skeptical. In my non-blogging life, I work in the public relations business. Because of this, I always find it exciting when my two favorite fields, public relations and sports, cross over with such a magnitude.

As in the past, (*Ahem, Kobe*) Tiger Woods had decided that the best way to handle his…”transgressions,” is to issue a public apology. This apology will be from PGA headquarters and will simply be a statement, in front a “small group of friends” (his lingo, not mine). There will be no opportunity for anyone to ask questions. This apology comes three months after his famous car accident and right after Tiger tried to save face with some damage control by completing a stint in a sex rehab clinic in Mississippi. (of all places!)

Naturally, every media outlet on the face of the planet is reporting this and asking irrelevant questions such as will Tiger’s wife, Elin be present at the conference? What is going to say? How will it come off? I’ll tell you exactly what’s going to happen. Tiger is going to read (maybe he’ll memorize if he wants extra PR points) a CAREFULLY CRAFTED statement. One that, no doubt, has been dissected with a fine-tooth comb. It will not provide any answers that the gossip mags want to know, it will use vague terminology (i.e. i regret my “actions” that have hurt people i love) and he will say what his future is with the PGA. (Probably something along the lines of him taking  little break before coming back…can’t imagine he’ll say he’s done for good as the conference is being held AT the PGA headquarters) Basically, anyone that thinks Tiger Woods is releasing this statement for any reason other than to save face is an idiot.

I  am not here to judge Tiger Woods…but damn it, I can judge the media. The soap-opera that has ensued over Tiger Woods the past couple months is absolutely unbelievable. Why exactly is everyone shocked? Many athletes have dealt with infidelity (at large scales) in their past. Because he seems quiet and reserved? Right, I forgot, quiet guys are automatically faithful guys. Because he’s a golfer? Right, “golf nerds” don’t have a sex drive either. Because he has a gorgeous wife and family? Yea, no other athlete, celebrity, or person has thought with the wrong head at times.

Oh wait, NONE of those reasons pass muster! So why exactly do we care? I never cared from day one. In fact, I feel bad for what Tiger’s family is going through. Granted, he actions are what ultimately led to the media coverage, however the amount of media coverage is what’s really doing the damage here. Hey Star Magazine, what does it really matter if Tiger has bagged 15 other women instead of 14? Access Hollywood, do you think Elin needs to hear the text messages about how she’s a drag paraded in the media? Hey CNN, do you ever think that your stories are going to be archived for Tiger’s kids to view the huge mess daddy made when they are old enough to understand?

I really don’t care what Tiger has to say, and newsflash folks, you shouldn’t either. None of it will be genuine. Call me jaded because I work in the PR biz but it’s true. From my point-of-view, I don’t think it will do him any good, especially three months after the incident.  He’s just asking for more media attention and to continue this saga being played out in the very public eye. I don’t care if Elin is there or not, cause if she is, she’s just there to make his appearance seem better. Tiger should just post a statement on his Web site, since that’s basically all that tomorrow is going to end up being.

I think what the media should do is not react to this ‘apology’ with a media frenzy. They will but they shouldn’t. What I’m fascinated about in this whole thing is the PGA involvement in his apology. They know Tiger is their Bread and Butter, and I think their involvement will take the place of Elin. Tiger has a major sport supporting him, so we should support him too. We should forget that, without Tiger Woods, the PGA stands to lose a shit load of money. We should assume their support is kindness driven and not financially driven.  Is anybody else angry that Tiger’s people think we will really fall for any or all of this crap? In my humble, young pr opinion, Woods would have done better to schedule a 1-on-1 with Babs Walters. A, la, A-Rod and Peter Gammons. (Best handling of a scandal I’ve ever seen in sports) Would have lent a lot more cred to the whole ‘apology’ thing.

That being said, I am blogging about it, so I am contributing to the problem. What a vicious circle we have. I will continue to keep the entire Woods clan in my prayers, as I can only imagine the pain ALL of them are carrying, due to daddy’s ‘transgressions’

What do you think about the Tiger apology tour? Good move? Bad move? Any of it gonna be genuine? What is up with the PGA involvement? Talk to me people 🙂


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