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The Vancouver 2010 Olympics

The day is finally here folks. Today is the opening ceremony for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I’m not going to pretend that I know a lot about these various sports. I’ve always pictured myself as more of a Summer Olympics fan, never bothering to watch the winter ones. Things changed in 2002 when the games were in Salt Lake City and I was introduced to my future husband Apolo Anton Ohno (who doesn’t seem has aged A DAY in eight years). So while it was Ohno’s studliness that got me interested in the Winter Olympics, I have been paying a lot more attention to them ever since …. sue me 🙂

some crushes never die

I’m really excited to see these Olympics. Beijing did an amazing job with the opening ceremony/game hosting in August 2008 and Vancouver has a tough act to follow.  Also, these Olympics are being touted at ‘the warmest Winter Olympics ever.’ While the East Coast of the USA is pummeled with almost four feet of snow, Vancouver is having snow flown in!  I also think the Vancouver logo leaves a little to be desired.

That’s not important though. I think what makes the Olympics so special are the human interest stories. These stories captivate the entire globe for two weeks. The beauty of it is that a lot of them have yet to even develop. The Olympic games are almost to predict. (Except I am fairly confident the USA will represent really well in the snowboarding category!)

So what am I looking forward to the most? Speedskating (if for no other reason than to root on Apolo), Hockey (this level of hockey is only seen once every four years…soak it up while you can) and Ski Jumping. Seriously. Ski Jumping is FRIGGIN AWESOME … and I never get a chance to see it unless it’s during the Olympics. I prefer ice-dancing to ice skating, but I’ll imagine I’ll tune into that a little as well. Luckily for me, the Vancouver location will lend itself to a lot of live events…way better than the eight-hour delay in Beijing!

Vancouver 2010 Logo

So while I can’t tell you the athletes on team USA or predict favorites in several events, I am excited to watch these games unfold with the rest of you. Look for as much up-to-date info as possible. Look for plenty of human interest stories. Look for the ‘regular’ sports stories to take a little bit of a back seat these upcoming weeks.

2010 Olympic USA Women's Hockey Team

Also, look for the fabulous olympic theme song (we all know my feelings on that) and fellow Syracuse Alum Bob Costas anchoring all the action on the desk. It’s gonna be a fun two weeks, folks. Looking forward to chatting with you all 🙂

For TONS more information on the 2010 Olympics including: athletes, events, schedules and photos. Visit

What are you looking forward to about these games? Do you have any favorite events?

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