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Chicago Sports Challenge: Da’ Bears

Below is Laura’s post on her first Bears game–check out the Chicago Sports Challenge here:

The Inaugural Bears Experience

Born in 1985 and having lived in Chicago for all of my 25 years, it’s about time that I attended my first Bears game. I know this post is a few months behind the ball as the Bears vs. Jets game that was my first Soldier Field experience was months ago but I still believe my experience and emotions concerning this important ‘first’ are still worth sharing.

Home of Da' bears

Gameday was cold and snowy, just as it should  be. But I didn’t really feel the cold the entire game. The atmosphere is electric, the fans, incredible. Being at the game really gives  you this sense that Chicagoans are a passionate, tough and resilient bunch (yes, some of us fit the super fan stereotype, I’ll even cop to enjoying an Italian sausage while at the game )– but we’re so much more. Being there made you feel like the players were actually playing for the city and watching Matt Forte score the first TD of the game, I felt oddly connected to him just by being in the stadium. One thing is for sure, actually being there intensifies everything, every  completed pass thrills and every hard hit chills. Actual scores, forget about it.

I loved being a part of the team for that afternoon and a part of the diehard fan base for life. I’ll always be happy and proud to be a Bears fan and yes, maybe frustrated. Bears fans are not kidding around with their love of the team and the city. Being a part of that for an afternoon was a memorable experience to be sure. And as always, makes me proud to be a part of Chicago.


D-D-Divisonal Showdown

Unfortunately, it’s that time of year where football is drawing to a close 😦 The college season in the books (although I wish it was Oregon hoisting the trophy) and we did much better than with our BCS bowl picks this year than last–going 4-3…it’s a baby step, but it’s a step! 🙂

Wild Card Weekend was great to CDS–we went 3-1 (all except for that Seahawks snafu). This weekend–the NFL is serving up four delicious divisional match-ups that should be excellent for everyone watching. So without further delay–here’s our picks for this weekend.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

Gotta go with the Steelers on this one (DUH!) Not only because I bleed black and gold–but because I really think the Steelers are the better team. It’s not that the Ravens are push-overs…this will be a dog fight for sure, but I see Pittsburgh coming out on top for a few reasons. The first being that since 1970, the Steelers are 8-0 in the playoffs against divisional opponents. These teams are incredibly familiar with each other and both will be prepared but the Steelers have a proven history of getting the job done among these circumstances–the previous two times the teams have met in the playoffs, the Steelers notched the W.

The Steelers have proven to be the tortoise in the AFC North this year–after a string of some UGLY games–they have been on a roll to close out the season. Yes, their final two games were against the Panthers and Browns–but the Steelers easily put together their two most comprehensive games. Add in the fact that of the past 7 regular season meetings, the Steelers have the edge 5-2. Those two Baltimore victories? They were against starting QBs Dennis Dixon and Charlie Batch. The Ravens have struggled to find an answer for Ben the past three seasons–and know it.

Another reason? Flacco is garbage. Ok, that may be a little harsh, but he is not anywhere near an elite qb status. While he is getting smarter with his play, he still makes many mistakes and the Steeler D will show no mercy. And don’t even get me started on Troy Polamalu–who is a main reason why we won the last game in Baltimore–his ability to be anywhere and everywhere is the difference maker. Now sure, all streaks come to an end and Baltimore may be due-but I think the Steelers, coming off a bye week have the edge. One thing’s for sure, this physical game is definitely going to take a toll on whoever advances enough to the AFC Championship–and probably enough to keep the victor from the Super Bowl. 

Steeeeel Curtain

Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons

Oooooh-weeee is this going to be a GOOD game. I’m going with my gut and taking the Packers (they ARE my NFC SB pick!) even though my head says to give the edge to the Falcons. The Packers effectively shut down the Eagles last week–and though the defense tired in the fourth quarter–they put together a solid 60 minutes of football. This is Aaron Rodgers’ time to shine and he has accepted the challenge in leading his time–first to the playoffs, then in a wild card match-up–beautifully. Clay Matthews is an absolute beat–for all intense and purposes the Polamalu of the NFC and will be hard for the Falcons to get passed.

Ryan has himself has matured into a great little franchise QB in Atlanta and Michael Turner is a force to be reckoned with. I’m not by any means knocking on the Falcons–they’ve had a GREAT season and are completely deserving of their number one seed. But the Packers are on a hot-streak and are the most dangerous team in the NFC, which will lead them to victory at the Georgia Dome on Saturday night.

Seattle Seahawks at Chicago Bears

I’m taking the Seahawks–and no I’m not jumping on a bandwagon. Having lived in Chi-town for almost two years now (and loving every second!) I am surrounding by the Chicago culture–and I have watched my fair share of Bears games this season. I don’t think the Seahawks are going to win because they’re dominate–hell they’re not even a .500 team–I think they’re going to win because Da Bears just aren’t that great of a football team.

They really aren’t. The biggest scorer on their team is Robbie Gould (yea PSU!). Jay Cutler is spotty–when he’s good he’s good but when he’s bad?…well….he’s AWFUL. The Bears defense also isn’t great–having coughed up 34 points vs the Jets in week 16. Seattle just beat the defending champions–a team that is MUCH better than the Bears–I think they’ll be ready for the challenge and will shock the world by making it to the NFC Championship (much to my chagrin as I am not a Pete Carroll fan).

The Bears do have two things on their side: the weather (it’s FREEZING here) and Devin Hester–and I do hope, in this case, that I’m wrong and they manage to win–but I just don’t think it’s going to happen.

New York Jets vs. New England Patriots

Ok, we get it….these teams hate each other. *yawn* When did this turn into a rivalry for the ages? For some reason I always thought the Dolphins and Jets were the biggest rivals in the AFC East? But I digress…this media circus back and forth is ridiculously unnecessary–and I find it fascinating that it’s started by the Jets everytime…you know..the same Jets that the Patriots bent over their knees and SPANKED during a nationally televised game in December. Yes, Tom Brady is an ass (and a douche, really) but you can’t deny he’s the best quarterback in the game (and if you want my honest–and grudging–opinion, the best to ever play the game).  The Pats are the Pats…what else can you say? They’re a great, great ball club.

So I’m taking the Jets. Why? Well, they’re my Super Bowl pick..and I CAN’T bail on them now. Yes, Mark Sanchez is struggling GREATLY, but this is a team that, when they focus, can put together 60 solid minutes of football. The problem is they get distracted by any and everything–bright lights, loud noises and cute cheerleaders to boot. The thing about the Jets is even though they aren’t that great–and yes totally overrated from what we all thought they’d be–they always manage to find a way to win..and that’s something you can’t completely count out. They also did beat the Patriots in week 2–so I know they have it in them and even though it’s unlikely..I’m still taking them. They’re my pick and I ride or die with them until they’re out.

David and Goliath

What are your predictions for this weekend? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

In honor of the Steeler game on Saturday we’ve included our new favorite pre-game pump up song: Wiz Khalifa’s Black and Yellow.



New Chick Alert! Introducing: Laura Colar

Hi Everybody! 

Yes, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated and yes, I’m going to promise to update more (but you’ve heard that all before!) What makes this time different? Well I’ve recruited a pretty fantastic chick to help me stay on my game and contribute to this fantastic little blog. I’d proud to bring  Laura Colar: (@laurlye) to Chicks Dig Sports. Laura and I work in our “real lives” together and have had many sports debates while waiting for the microwave to free up, sitting through staff meetings and getting our creative on in brainstorm sessions. The quick and dirty on Laura: Blondie, Valpo Alum, Chicago sports fanatic, Jay Cutler obsessed and gym enthusiast. Expect some great posts from her–she’s bound to give me a run for my money! Below is her first post ever…just in time for college football season! So this time folks, expect fresh content, cause damn it, there are two of us now, and well, now we are living up to the blog name ‘ChickS Dig Sports.’  Welcome aboard, Laura!! 😀 

New Chick Alert!

The Inaugural Post: 

In my opinion, it’s been a long, hot, awful summer.  It started off well, with the charmingly bearded and always mumbling Chicago Blackhawks capturing the Stanley Cup in game six of championship series. Since the day of the parade, Chicago has been a sticky, uncomfortable place both in terms of the weather and our sports teams. The Cubs have been lethargic and turned out sad performances. The White Sox have done well but the drama surrounding Ozzy Guillen’s relationship with Kenny Williams has distracted from their success and has gotten really old, really fast. Baseball in and of itself hasn’t engaged me this season, but to be fair, it’s never been the sport that gets my blood flowing. 

What does? FOOTBALL. I enjoy and appreciate the game so much, I look for ways to tie my preseason predictions into conversations where frankly, I know they don’t belong. I could watch montages of football highlights for solid days, as long as there is a steady flow of chips, guacamole and either Sam Adams or Shiner Bock. I love the Xs and the Os, the ones that I can understand anyway (I do not claim to have the intricate knowledge of an ex-player). I love the strategy, I love the heart, I love the athleticism, I love the personalities, I love the explosiveness and the unpredictability. I love that one season a player may be classified as completely washed up and the next season he proves everyone wrong and heads to the Pro Bowl. I love that football allowed a grocery clerk to become a future hall of famer. 

The summer is coming to an end and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. Give me 68 degree days with a soft breeze and orange leaves. Give me a gray Saturday morning, a cup of steaming coffee and Lee, Chris, Kirk and Desmond breaking down college games across the country and give me Sunday afternoons speeding home from church to fire up the grill and spend the next few hours flipping between games. Give me a road trip through the beautiful cornfields of Indiana to be enveloped in the school spirit at Norte Dame and take in a game at one of the most storied universities in the country. 

My name  is Laura and I love football. Join me this fall as I revel in everything that is this sport, both college and professional. It should be a good time and I can’t wait. 

Everyone make sure to swing by the comments and welcome Laura aboard 🙂 and look forward to our college preview tomorrow, which admittedly, we are getting up by the skin of our teeth!

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