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Football is Upon Us! 2010 College Football Preview

As Laura alluded to yesterday, we here at Chicks Dig Sports are completely tickled that it’s fall. There are multiple reasons for this: we hate humidity, we love fall scents and we’re absolutely and totally crazy about football. It’s not that we don’t have exciting and fun summer flings with baseball, casually date basketball or have a committed relationship with hockey. But football? Well it’s our one true love. The one we’re absolutely crazy about and, if we had to choose, would hands down be the single sport we could watch the rest of our lives.

While we still have to wait a little over a week for the NFL to start, it is college football eve. We’re so excited (and you should be too!) Hell, I say we’d consider smacking a big smooch on Lee Corso. Below you’ll find our top pre-season college coaching stories and our predictions for the 2010 NCAA season. Don’t hold your breath folks, this is a long one! 🙂  

Coaching Carousel

Every off-season, the coaching carousel spins round and round and this year is no exception. These coaches are the ones to watch as they have the most to gain (and lose!) this season.

Lane Kiffin-as most of you know, I’m not a fan of the man, to put it lightly. I find him to be classless, arrogant and have no respect for the game. His inaugural rookie NCAA head coach season was lukewarm at best, how is he going to fair with a storied program like USC?  Well, it really doesn’t matter, to tell you the truth, because USC is ineligible for bowl games until 2013. So Kiffin can go undefeated, but if he doesn’t, and he fails like he’s pretty much done with every program he’s touched, it doesn’t matter, cause they aren’t eligible anyway. Consider me pissed he has an automatic two-year cushion.

Rich Rodriguez-Michigan is in the running for my least favorite team in the entire sporting world. I enjoy their losing almost as much as I enjoy watching Penn State win. That being said, Rich Rod is on thin ice, this season will be make or break for him. After two dismal seasons and a pathetic “I wasn’t aware of what was going on” excuse and the man is already on borrowed time.

Urban Meyer-He goes on an indefinite leave of absence, he’s back, he’s sick, he’s not, he’s coaching. I suppose if I was Urban Meyer, I’d go through a crisis with Tebow graduating, but his back and forth was completely unnecessary and absolutely absurd. Most coaches, when they lose their marquee player (which in a best case scenario happens every four years), regroups and devises a new plan of attack. Meyer throws a public hissy fit in front of the nation and, after assessing that his squad will be competitive enough to compete this season, comes back. Pressure’s on Urban, but only because YOU brought it by your silly antics.

Brian Kelly-First year Notre Dame Coach…do we need to say anything else?

Conference Predictions:

Big Ten

  • Sam’s Pick: Iowa. Fresh off an Orange Bowl win and with Stanzi back in charge, these corn-fed Iowa boys have been chomping at the bit to continue their success of recent seasons. Add in the fact that Pryor just can’t seem to get it together in the big game and the Hawkeyes should have a clear path to the Rose Bowl if they play smart.
  • Laura’s Pick: Terrell Pryor will come into his own this year. He’s athletic and a born leader, with all the practice he’s put in over the off-season his throw should be better now too. He may never be the total package, but he’ll come pretty close this season and lead Ohio State to win the conference.

Big 12 North

  • Sam’s Pick: Nebraska. Is there anyone else worth mentioning in this division? Plus they have one more chance to make their mark before jumping ship for the Big Ten next year.
  • Laura’s Pick: Nebraska. For reasons above.

Big 12 South

  • Sam’s Pick: Texas Tech. In a good position with dual QB’s Potts and Sheffield, Texas Tech is way better off than conference rivals Texas and Oklahoma who have extremely green QBs. (Obviously, Laura has more faith in Jones that I do.)
  • Laura’s Pick: Oklahoma. Landry Jones was forced into a leadership role before he was ready and onto the national stage when Sam Bradford went down. He’s gotten experience under his belt and coaches don’t come better than Bob Stoops, with him at the head of the program the Sooners are always, calm, cool, collected and all football, all the time. I do hope Oklahoma State give them a run for their money – I love that team, they play with so much heart and their coach, well, “He’s a man, he’s forty!”

PAC 10

  • Sam’s Pick: Oregon. Always a solid program, the Ducks have USC out of contention this year. Look for them to shine through a victory in the Civil War and secure a spot in the Rose Bowl.
  • Laura’s Pick: StanfordAndrew Luck is a stud, this potential Heisman candidate and badass (former Bear) Jim Harbagh have this division locked up.

Big East:

  • Sam’s Pick: Syracuse. Why the hell not? Cincinnati surely isn’t repeating.
  • Laura’s Pick: Pitt. Wandstadt is valuable sometimes right?…Right?


  • Sam’s Pick:  Boise State. Love everything about Boise State down to their blue field. Shame the BCS will never allow them to play for the national championship, even with consecutive undefeated seasons.
  • Laura’s Pick: Boise State. I just love this program, always the unsung hero of college football. These guys have great talent, coaching but often miss out on the national stage.

*Note the same reasoning for TCU to take it all in the Mountain West.


  • Sam’s Pick: Miami. This is Miami’s comeback year. They’ve been middling since the departure of Shockey, McGahee and *gasp* Dorsey in the early 00’s. This year, they’re poised to return to their glory days and be right where they belong at the top of the division.
  • Laura’s Pick: Virginia Tech. Always a solid program. With a weak division like the ACC, they should be able to easily play their way into a New Year’s Day bowl game.


  • Sam’s Pick: Alabama. Ingram’s knee trouble may be a factor, but Alabama led by veteran coach Nick Saban, has all the tools to make another title run. Factor in a Tebow-less Florida (Urban Meyer’s built-in excuse) and the hardest division in college football should be prime for the taking.
  • Laura’s Pick: Alabama. Nick Saban is the most no-nonsense coach in college ball and you’ve got to love his halftime interviews. With Ingram returning and a corral of running back studs and McElroy turning out not half bad performances most of the time, I would say they’re a lock. Sometimes it can be hard to repeat, as long as they don’t crumble underneath self-imposed pressure, they should lock things up.

BCS Championship Game

  • Sam’s Pick: Alabama vs. Ohio State. Not because they’re pre-season #1 and #2, but because they will have time to stumble early on (by both losing to PSU ;-)) and will have plenty of time to steady out to regain the #1 and #2 spots.
  • Laura’s Pick: Oklahoma vs. Ohio State.

That’s a wrap, folks! What are your thoughts?? We KNOW you have some, and we’re always up for discussion! What do you agree with? What are we totally off on? Which of the four coaches is on the thinnest of ice? Who are the sleepers?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you can find the full pre-season AP list here.

As always, talk to us people…have we mentioned how much we love fall?  🙂

–The Chicks


What’s USC’s problem??

Lane Kiffin? REALLY?? REALLY?! What the hell is going on??

USC…one of the most respected collegiate football programs of all time hires LANE KIFFIN?! LANE KIFFIN!!!

What exactly has Lane Kiffin done to prove himself as a coach? Other than lead the Raiders to an abysmal 4-12 record in 2007? Or lead the team in 2008 to a 1-3 start before he was canned by Al Davis. His 20 game stint as Raiders head coach ended in a 5-15 record. To clarify, that means he wins 25% of the time….or as Brian Fantana would say 60% of the time, it works every time.

After getting fired from the Raiders, Kiffin takes a job with Tennessee. Let’s just quickly delve into the shit storm that Kiffin started during his 12-month tenure at Tennessee.  First, he calls out Florida coach Urban Meyer  for illegal recruiting practice. A claim he defends as being ok because they were just “comments he made at a breakfast,” yea, a public breakfast. (Note: in doing so he actually violated NCAA policy HIMSELF. whoops. might want to brush up on collegiate rules there, Lane) Then, he insults the high school of a player he is trying to recruit. Awesome. Let’s follow that up by publicly commenting on a recruitable NCAA player (once again, not allowed there pal). Add in some public, unfounded remarks about SEC rivals Georgia (“our program doesn’t need to cheat”) and South Carolina (“if you end up being a gamecock you’re going to pump gas the rest of your life”) and you have a huge mess. Not to mention, that Kiffin ends the season 7-6 with a loss in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Then he abandons the program for the USC job.  And on top of it all, his name is LANE. What an Asshole.

And what the hell is USC thinking? What in the previous two paragraphs screams Marquee Coach? You cannot POSSIBLY tell me that USC thinks this is a good coaching move? Why? Cause Kiffin isn’t afraid to play a little dirty and clean a little house? Well he plays REALLY dirty, not only that but he has NOTHING to backup that he’s a good coach. Out of the 37 games he’s coached as a head coach at ANY level of football, he has won 13. 13 of 37. WTF USC?! WTF?! Do you really think that Kiffin can keep your program elite? Can compete in Rose Bowls and National Championships? I learned something young in life, don’t write checks your ass can’t cash, and Lane Kiffin just wrote the $140,000 Lamborghini from Dumb & Dumber.  So, while I probably would have applauded Kiffin for his call outs had he ACTUALLY BEAT FLORIDA, but he didn’t. Maybe even if he would have PROOF that Georgia cheats…but he DOESN’T. You get my point?

No matter what, I just have no respect for someone that doesn’t have a sense of sportsmanship (i.e. Bill Belichick) and Lane Kiffin falls DIRECTLY into that category.  Also, lets talk about the issue of LOYALTY. or should I say the lack of loyalty. I hate to say it but damn, doesn’t that mean ANYTHING anymore. I already know the answer is no, but it’s still hard to see every time. Kiffin signed a SIX YEAR DEAL, starts a completely unnecessary shit storm, and ABANDONS the team while leaving it an ABSOLUTE mess. It shouldn’t be allowed. Maybe UT thought it was the lesser of two evils, as I hear that Kiffin had to pay UT a cool $1 million to be released from his contract. I’m sure they’re probably relieved that Kiffin is somebody else’s problem now. But man, what an asshole. A bona-fide, unqualified asshole.

USC, You got some major ‘splaining to do.


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