whose ready for some freaking football?? :-)

This morning, we woke up and our heart was much like the Grinch’s … it grew three times its normal size. Why you ask? Because today marks the kickoff of the 2010 NFL Football season ūüėÄ With Laura prepping to make the trek to Columbus this weekend for the Miami/Ohio State game (tough “real world” gig, huh?) I’m posting our quick and dirty picks for both NFL Conferences, as well as our Super Bowl prediction.

AFC EastNew York Jets-I really like this team. Granted, being featured on “Hard Knocks,” I’ve gotten the chance to become more familiar with them, but I think the team just has an intangible factor. Sanchez will improve on his rookie season performance and the addition of my boy, Santonio¬†Holmes to the Coles/Cotchery/Edwards situation¬†should help open up the passing game, which is¬†a necessity since the running game¬†took a hit with the departure of ¬†Thomas Jones. However, with the Revis¬†situation under control and Cromartie¬†around, the Jets should be poised to make the Superbowl. Just for the record, the last rookie¬†QB to lead a team to a loss in the AFC Championship game and¬†won the Super Bowl the next season? His name? Ben Roethlisberger.

AFC¬† North-Pittsburgh Steelers. I’m absolutely biased, 100%. Best case scenario, Dixon leads us to a 3-1 record before Roethlisberger¬†steps in. ¬†I’m not too worried though, the Steelers always have been, and always will be a team built on defense. (The Steel Curtain if you will). With a healthy Polamalu, our defense is one of , if not the best in the league. Baltimore has made some solid moves this post season and with the Housmanzadeh¬†pick up should give us a run for our money, but Flacco¬†is not a Super Bowl QB, he just isn’t. The Owens/OchoCinco ego battle will overtake the Bengals and …well, Cleveland is still the “mistake by the lake.” ūüėČ

AFC West-San Diego Chargers-As much as I want to pick the Broncos for my twinny, I just can’t. The solid team always suffers a collapse of epic proportions at the end of the season. Wither, Dumervil¬†and White are out for the season, paired with a bruised Moreno and Buckhalter. I think the team is in too many shambles to win the division. Looking at the rest of the division, the Chargers pretty much have a clear path. Although I positively despise Philip Rivers and all of those idiots that say he’s the best QB out of his draft class…you know, having never even gotten to a Super Bowl.

AFC South-Indianapolis Colts-For obvious reasons, duh.

NFC East-New York Giants-the¬†NFC East is the hardest division in football. Every team is always competitive and the regular season ¬†champion is never decided until week 16. I won’t front, I¬†hate the Philadelphia Eagles with EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING but I think it was a GREAT decision to release McNabb (I’ve been saying since I was 16 that the Eagles would NEVER win a Super Bowl with him…and was right :)) but I just don’t see a successful run. Dallas looked meh in the preseason, with only what appears to be a solid defense. Romo has never proven himself, so we can’t put much stock in him anymore until he does. The Redskins have drama with Haynesworth and Shanahan already, which doesn’t bode well for the season (how on earth they’re gonna bench someone they invested that amount of money in is beyond me) and well, they picked up McNabb, whose over the hill and already starting with his injury shit. (Why does Donovan eat Chunky Soup from a cup? Cause he chokes every time he gets near a bowl. BOOM.) So that leaves us with the Giants, Brandon Jacobs lost 25 lbs in the off-season and faster and stronger than ever. Bradshaw is healthy and jumping out of the backfield like a rocket and Eli is passing well.

NFC North-Green Bay Packers-Rodgers¬†is maturing into quite the lovely quarterback and although the Packers have had a very under the radar off-season,¬†I think this is the year when Green Bay will beat the Vikings TWICE (Finally!)¬† I’m not a fan of Favre. I try to refuse to weigh in, because I don’t want to give that jag any of my attention, but he is NOT going to win another Super Bowl. He just isn’t. He doesn’t have it left in him. And of course, we all know that Favre¬†is coming back next year, like he’ll really quit one year shy of the all time record for playing seasons and other milestones he’ll be on the cusp of. I think this comeback will be met with the same results of every other comeback, NOT WINNING THE SUPERBOWL.

NFC West-San Francisco 49ers-I’m¬†excited to see what Singletary¬†can do with this team. I admire the way he came in and CLEANED HOUSE last season. Smith, Gore and Crabtree will handle the offense. Justin Smith,¬†Takeo Spikes and Patrick Willis will anchor a middling defense and that will be good enough to win the division. Sorry Arizona, I applaud you kicking Leinhart to the curb, but Derek Anderson isn’t going to take you very far…just ask the Browns.

NFC South-New Orleans Saints-Although¬†Brees is on the cover of Madden 2011, the Saints are poised to make another great run to the Super Bowl. I’d really like to the Falcons tear this division up, as for some reason, I’m such a fan of Matt Ryan, but the Saints just have too many weapons to¬†contain …. right Indy?

Super Bowl Prediction: New York Jets vs. Green Bay Packers. Winner? Jets.

We know you have thoughts and we’re always up for a good debate (Laura would¬†like me to go on record saying she¬†“would never have picked some of those teams.” So let’s hear it!



11 Responses to “whose ready for some freaking football?? :-)”

  1. 1 Sporting Dude
    September 9, 2010 at 12:14 pm

    Sanchez played a particularly horrible rookie season. The Jets lucked out by the virtue of the Colts laying down at season’s end. The Jets weren’t a playoffs calibre team.

    Sanchez showed no signs of improvement in the pre-season. The Jets won’t pass the Dolphins or the Pats. The Jets are a 9-7 team. The AFC wildcard slots shall be dear this season — the loser of Bengals vs Ravens for one; the Texans for the other.

    Unless the Steelers upgraded personnel on defense, NFL fans shall see the same mediocre defense that played last season, a defense that folded more times in fourth quarters than the maid crew at the Bellagio folds sheets after a Vegas weekend.

    The Ravens have the running edge, but the Bengals have the receiving edge. Palmer, like most USC QBs has been overhyped for his career. Flacco has much better mobility, sees more of the field. Both defenses are good. Yet the Bengals have the best defense in the AFC North, easily, in however as evidenced last season by sacks, INTs.

    QBs alone do not win championships, but it’s hard for a team to win one without a decent QB. Last season, Ben 7 had a great statistical year and the Steelers played poorly because of a weak defense. Yet, the Steelers won two with Ben 7 when he was a weak QB. Of course it helps when the refs throw you some huge plays in SBs — no TD for Ben against the Seahawks and huge amounts of holding on the Harrison end of half pick six.

    Yet, Rivers is a regular-season league leader, a true elite QB. Rivers has lacked defense and a running game of late. Ryan Mathews could be the difference maker.

    The Broncos are among the bad teams in the NFL and only getting worse under Josh McDaniels who doesn’t know what he’s doing.

    The Raiders are the up-and-coming surprise of that division bringing better defense and improved receiver play. Campbell should complete enough passes — he’s fairly accurate — to win games and push the Raiders toward a wild card, although falling short.

    The Texans could push the Colts. Opening day is going to tell us something about that.

    Like the Steelers, the Cowboys are a bandwagoner’s team and thus whenever the Cowboys sniff the playoffs, bandwagoners come forth singing praises about the Cowboys. Three names tell the story of why the Cowboys shall never reach the top. Wade Phillips. Tony Romo. Jerry Jones.

    The grind of 16 games should prove Kolb to be a young QB playing on a young team.

    Mike Shanahan has enjoy a questionable reputation as an NFL coach. His teams couldn’t do it until Elway had Terrell Davis. The Redskins shall languish, as their defense is yet another season away from Gregg Williams.

    Eli played his best last season with what has shaped up to be the best overall corp of receivers playing in tandem — Smith, Nicks, Manningham. Jacobs is done. Bradshaw must run to make play action work. Without play action, Eli is horrible.

    The Giants defense let down the team last season. Some want to blame the loss of Kenny Phillips. Yet, the Giants had horrible play from their linebackers and their defensive line is one of the most overhyped in recent memory. In short, the Giants have lacked identity on defense since the retirement of Stahan.

    For the Packers to overtake the Vikings for the NFC North, Dom Capers’ 3-4 defense must play in the top 8. Rodgers is the real deal, but he’s throwing to an aging Donald Driver along with Gregg Jennings. The Vikings have the line defense they need to pressure anyone, run or pass with the Williams wall, which frees up Allen to force QB errors long before the ball gets to a weak Vikings secondary.

    The Bears shall be among the worst teams in the NFL. Interestingly, the Bears sport three one-time NFL head coaches in Mike Tice, Rod Marinelli and Mike Martz. Cutler is a Joey Harrington type with a moody attitude. He isn’t smart enough to get Martz’ offense. Urlacher is weak and old. Bears defense shall be horrible, again.

    The 49ers should have a lights out defense as Patrick Willis is the best linebacker in the NFL, heads-and-shoulders above all others. While Gore is a top NFL back and Vernon Davis has proven to be a great flex TE, what shall hold this team back from beyond winning the division easily is Alex Smith.

    The Falcons have everything the team needs to win the NFC South. Matt Ryan did not play as well as he could last season.

    The Saints played a joke schedule last season, the easiest in fact, all season long. Now, the Saints must play a first place schedule. Even last season, the Saints struggled to win against Carolina when they had Delhomme and against the Falcons.

    People love the Saints because they’re the favorite ghetto, urban, chic darling of the moment mostly because the Raiders have been horrible for years and thus rappers have stopped wearing Raiders’ jerseys and because of the overtold Hurricane Katrina story, which has elicited sympathy from Americans everywhere.

    It’s hard to foretell a Super Bowl. It might be easier to pick the teams who shall play in the respective championships. Here goes:

    AFC: Chargers & Colts. NFC: Packers & Falcons

    • September 9, 2010 at 12:24 pm

      Disagree with you on Sanchez, sure he made a LOT of rookie mistakes, but that’s par for the course–rookie! And the rest of the team picked him up, a team that has strengthened with off-season additions. Time will tell (of course) I think they just have an it factor, an intangible!

      As for the Steelers–excuse me, but….bandwagoner who?? I can’t believe out of Rivers, Roethlisberger and Manning you’d put Rivers as the elite qb. Under no circumstance am I hailing Roethlisberger as a hall of famer but two rings in a four year span says something. Granted whoever had the ball last in ’09 would have won the SB, but I’m SO TIRED of this Seahawks BS. The Steelers won that game by 11. Take away the TD and WE STILL WIN.

      The exciting thing about football is the unpredictability! Excited for the season to get underway and check back on the post in a few months! ūüôā

      Thanks for your comment!

  2. 3 Sporting Dude
    September 9, 2010 at 12:37 pm

    Football is a team sport. Two rings in four seasons says Ben Roethlisberger played on great teams.

    In the SB against the Seahawks, Ben 7 went 9 for 21 with TWO PICKS and NO TDs. Throwing for a paltry 123 yards total and under 6 yards a pass. Clearly, he did little, if any, to help the Steelers win that Super Bowl.

    However, that game is in the books. Americans everywhere saw it and collectively scratched their heads.

    Right now, the only QBs who can lay claim to elite status are Peyton Manning, Tom Brady and Brett Favre. Eli has made it to the next level with better receivers. Ben 7 played great last season.

    Because Eli and Ben 7 have played on SB winning teams, they get hyped by their respective fans. Both QBs have done something Tom Brady never has — lead a team on a game winning SB TD drive late in the 4th quarter.

    Rivers has been playing great for several seasons. Rodgers put up better numbers last season than the season before.

    Ryan, Stafford and Flacco look poised to begin pushing for claims of elite status.

    I get it. For most fans, it’s about the ring. Playing QB isn’t like a starting pitcher in MLB. Football is a team sport. It takes 48 guys on game day (e.g., Nate Kaeding lost the chance for the Chargers to play in the AFC Championship last season). Yet, for most of these fans, they see the QB as a MLB pitcher and believe wins and losses come from his play alone. Of course, that’s sports foolery.

    • September 9, 2010 at 12:44 pm

      Oh Ben definitely SUCKED in that game … worse performance by a QB in Super Bowl history if I’m not mistaken.

      Agree it’s a team sport–as we all know DEFENSE is what wins championships. But, you need to have someone that can at least manage the ball, as I think we both agree on that point. OF COURSE it’s not just about the QB, or the ring. I mean, theory would then reason that Trent Dilfer is a better QB than Dan Marino–which is hard to even type without laughing! ūüėÄ

      Hoping out of the 3 you mentioned, Ryan is the guy to do it!

      And I’ve seen Kaeding blow more kicks over the years than I can count..hard to believe they still keep him around!

      Excited to see where the season goes!

      • 5 SportingDude
        September 9, 2010 at 2:07 pm

        You know I am with you. Perhaps nobody does it better rolling to his left after throwing off would be sackers than Ben Roethlisberger. I consider him elite. Many don’t.

        Eli is near there if not there by end of this season. Rivers is there in spite of his teams’ failures. Rodgers looks to be there.

        Next time, tell me to proof read my posts. My new keyboard sticks and unless I have 600 mg of caffeine flowing in my brain in the A.M., I make mistakes.

  3. 6 Twinny
    September 10, 2010 at 8:41 pm

    Umm…Ben Rothlisberger went on the road against the Bengals (a HELL of a team that year), Indianapolis Colts (WHAT A TACKLE), and my Denver Broncos. And guess what? He BEAT THEM ALL. He may have not played well in the Super Bowl, but he had EVERYTHING to do with why they were there. Also, stats aren’t the entire story. When the team NEEDED Ben to make plays at crucial points, he did. And that’s all that matters. If a QB throws for 300 yds and 4 TD and 1INT, but that pick comes in OT to lose your team the game (or lead to a loss), then you didn’t do your job. Seriously, stats only go so far. Oh, and his game winning, 75 yard drive against the Cardinals to seal another SB victory? Pretty damn impressive. Big Ben is absolutely an elite QB in the NFL, and anybody who refuses to at least acknowledge that fact is biased and not giving credit where it’s due. His stats from last season? 66.1 completion percentage, 4,328 yards passing, 26 TD’s to only 12INT’s, and an overall QB rating of 100.5. Not elite? Oh, and he was sacked FIFTY TIMES last year too. In previous years he has touted multiple 95+ QB ratings, and another 100+ rating season. He’s only been in the league for six years. Personally, I can’t stand him, and I think he’s a blemish on an otherwise classy team. However, I give credit where credit is do, Sporting Dude. To say that Rothlisberger isn’t an elite QB in the league is plain assanine. Dude has TWO SB victories and is still in his 20’s.

    That being said, I think you are quite crazy, Twinny, to think that the Jets will be anything better than 7-9 or 8-8 this year. I’ll look forward to watching them burn as Rex Ryan is forced to eat his fat ass words.



    • September 11, 2010 at 9:47 am

      You are the MAN–love how you mentioned the fact he was sacked FIFTY times–oy vey offensive line ūüôā

      You hate Rex Ryan! So you’re biased! I don’t know, just something about them–we’ll see.


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