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Super Bowl (& Commercials) Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. They earned their Super Bowl win. The reason why the Saints won last night is because they were playing to win the game. The Colts were playing not to lose the game. That’s a BIG difference. Payton has balls of steel. Seriously, he does. He goes for it on fourth down near the end of the first half and follows it with an on-side kick to start the second half. That was THE game changer. Even if that onside kick didn’t work out, I would have admired his guts. He had faith in his team to pull off the improbable and he was right. Congrats to Drew Bress who was OUTSTANDING completing 32 of 39 passes. This was a hell of a Super Bowl…is it time for pre-season football yet?! (Steelers WILL play at New Orleans next season…already can’t wait!)

Brees with his touching.

That being said, let’s talk about commercials. There were some good ones this year and I enjoyed the commercials A LOT more than in the past. Below are some of my favs. I’d like to say though, that Go Daddy are a bunch of nimrod assholes. Obviously, Go Daddy think that only men use services to register Web sites. (I can tell you I’ll register with another company) Go Daddy also must buy into the fact that sex is the only way to sell a product. Go Daddy must also lack any kind of intellectual stimulus to create any ad that would be original. Go Daddy must also be run by pre-pubescent 13 year old boys that have their dad’s Playboy’s hidden underneath their mattresses. Seriously guys, grow up. You give ALL men a bad name. You’re cavemen, juvenile and your shtick is old. Oh and Danica Patrick, enough people hate you and don’t think you belong in the world of NASCAR…way to alienate the women that are actually on your side by starring in such sexist commercials. FAIL. *Rant done…stepping off soap box*

There were a lot of commercials I DID like.

My favorite of the night was the Snickers/Betty White commercial. At 88 years old, Betty White is having the year of her life! Her popularity is through the roof, she won the Lifetime Acheivement Award at SAGs, she stars in this commercial and there’s a large movement brewing to get her to host Saturday Night Live. Loved this commercial for so many reasons but my favorite has to be Betty’s trash talk while in the huddle.

Budweiser/Bud Light had a lot of misses this year. The house full of Bud Light cans was stupid, the rocket launch one was silly and the horse/cow one seemed SO promising but then didn’t go anywhere. Bud Light completely KILLED it on this one though: the auto-tune. A lot has been talked about with auto-tone in music lately (my boy Jay-Z, called for the death of it last summer) so it awesome to see what it would be like if auto-tune was in real life. The cameo by T-Pain is HILARIOUS. “Pass the guaca-moooo-lllleeee!

Doritos was really good this year too. What’s awesome about Doritos is that they issue an open call for Super Bowl ads and produce them. This is a company that seems directly in tune with its target audience. My favorite Doritos commercial is the baby putting his mother’s date in place.

E* Trade

These talking baby commercials are always dead on. Funniest phrase of the night?  Milk-a-what?!

Naturally I really enjoyed the Polamalu commercial too. Polamalu is my FAVORITE Steeler. I adore everything about him. So, if I couldn’t see him in the big game at the end of the year, I was glad to see him in this capacity.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I thought the Google commercial was lame. I’m worried about all these people that have drank the kool-aid from Apple and Google and can’t admit with something is underwhelming. (*cough Ipad*)

What commercials did you like? What are you thoughts on Go Daddy? What did you think of the game?

Talk to me people 🙂



Super Bowl 44 Preview

This is it folks. The game that matters. Super Bowl 44. This year, the big game is being hosted in tropical Miami, Florida, featuring the two best teams in football:  the New Orleans Saints vs. the Indianapolis Colts. During the course of the year, these two  teams played excellent football, had a shot at going 16-0 and deserve to be in the final game of the season. This is the first Super Bowl since 1993, where both #1 seeds reached the game. This is shaping up to be an excellent game even though I naturally prefer to have the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

So whose gonna win? Honestly, I can say it’s anybody’s game right now. Lots of exciting, marquee players in this one. For the Colts, there’s the prodigal Manning, Jeff Saturday and Dwight Freeney (who despite the RIDICULOUS media hulabaloo about his injury WILL play tonight) and Hank Baskett (who is in a lovely position to obtain a Super Bowl ring for making one catch this entire season.) The Saints have Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey.

I’m SO excited to see such an awesome match-up of QB’s. We’ve had some great QB match ups in previous years (Baby Manning vs. Brady, Big Ben vs. Warner, Prodigal Mannings vs Rex Grossman 😉 haha ) but I’m more excited to see this match up than any in recent years. Both quarterbacks threw for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Manning won the MVP award and Bress won the FedEx Air Player of the year. This should prove to be an epic QB showdown.

Two of the greats

I want the Saint’s to win. I think they’re a great story, but I think the Colts are going to win this one. It simply comes down to defense. As we all know, defense wins Championships. What this boils down to is the NFL’s 9th ranked total offense against the NFL’s 25th ranked defense. I think that Peyton Manning will make pretty easy work of the Saints D. The Saints WILL NOT go down without a fight, they have the NFL’s Number One offense. They are explosive and, with so many weapons, unpredictable. I think Brees should be able to take care of his part, but unfortunately, one player doesn’t make a team.

Three quick notes: 1) I get why the Super Bowl is held in warm weather and in domes, but man, I’d love to see a cold weather Super Bowl once in my life. 2) I think these announcers saying that Peyton Manning’s legacy and first ballot entry into the Hall of Fame depend on this game are complete and total idiots. 3) The NFL released that the official Super Bowl twitter hashtag is #SB44 … in case you’re following. Technololgy, i have SUCH a love/hate relationship with you.

Just a few more hours til’ we see who hoists the elusive Lombardi Trophy.  Enjoy your Super Bowl parties, games, the commercials and The Who at half time (If I said *yawn* would that make me ridiculously ignorant?)

It never looks as good as when it's in the hands of a Steeler

Who do you think is gonna win? Whose gonna be MVP? (Manning!) What are your Super Bowl plans?

Talk to me people…and enjoy the game!



Sports Digest 1.26.10


Since I NEVER talk about hockey I’d just like to say: How ‘Bout Dem Penguins?! Cooke’s last-minute goal on a Power Play Sunday helped the Pens send the Flyers home crying…AGAIN. A win at the Rangers on Monday has the Pens sitting pretty, tied for third in the Eastern Conference. I smell a repeat 🙂 But I AM ridiculously biased.

2009 Stanley Cup Champs!

Australian Open

Bummer about Andy Roddick. Huge bummer. He wasn’t playing his best tennis, that’s for sure, but I always see him as a dark horse in any grand slam competition (minus the French Open though, since he can’t play for squat on clay) After his win in Brisbane, I thought he had a good shot. Roddick was playing a lot of grueling long matches throughout the Australian Open and it looked like he was favoring his shoulder. While those are all valid excuses, I don’t want to take anything away from Cilic, who went up on Roddick 2 sets to love and staved off a triple break point in the 5th.

Also a bummer about Rafael Nadal, who retired after being down 2 sets to love with an apparent knee injury. At 23 years old, Nadal is right to be better safe than sorry in retiring, but it’s a shame to see the defending champ bow out. We haven’t had enough of Raffa lately, and tendonitis in the knee has been the cited source of his troubles lately. The sport isn’t the same without him. Similar to Roddick’s case though, we should not take anything away from Andy Murray, who–even with Raffa’s injury– was making pretty short work of the defending champ. His explosive play has really started to capture the tennis world and deservingly so. So instead of a Nadal/Roddick semi…which would have been AWESOME (Raffa leads the series 3-2) but we have Cilic vs. Murray, which is a match no one could have predicted but we arguably are lucky to have.

Nadal getting medical attention during his quarterfinal match

Federer hangs in there as a heavy favorite to be playing on Sunday in the Australian Open final.

On the women’s side, Justin Henin is through to the semi’s (holler!) and a Williams/Williams semi seems inevitable.

Comeback Kid, Henin

College Basketball

How good does No.4 Syracuse look? No seriously, how good do they look? ‘Cuse rallied after being 14 behind in the opening minutes against arch-rival  No. 7 Georgetown yesterday, to win in an impressive fashion with a final score of 73-56. At times, watching this Orange team is almost unbelievable. They look unstoppable. Their one weakness, and it’s a big one, is that they are a second half team. They have been slow to start in almost all of their contests this year. While it’s all worked out alright, it cannot continue, especially when we play Villanova on February 27th. If we can put together 40 minutes of solid ball we’ll be unstoppable. I say right now, on any given day, we play about 30 minutes of solid ball. Either way, I’m excited to see Syracuse ride it out for the season (we’re final four bound) and PUMPED to see them play at DePaul on Saturday 🙂

I Heart Dome


I will do my Super bowl predictions closer to the game but just a word on officiating in the NFL. While I really like the Saints and am SO thrilled they are going to the Super Bowl, the officiating toward the end of the NFC Championship game was tres lame. So lame in fact, that it ruined the whole experience for viewers and robbed the Saints of what should have been a very legitimate game. The three plays I’m talking about all occurred in over time back to back. 1) the pass interference call –which I allowed since they are always somewhat subjective 2) the forward progress call — should have been negated because the running back LOST control of the football 3) THE PASS THAT HIT THE GROUND THAT WAS COUNTED AS COMPLETE.

So while I love you Saints, especially for sending that pompous ass Brett Favre home, I think you deserve to go under better circumstances. The game (as my twinny @jrflynn86 would say) COMPLETELY stood up to its billing, until the end…and EVERYONE deserved a better ending than that. Still, I’m pumped about two #1 seeds playing in the Super Bowl (First time since 1993!) It should prove to be a helluva game.

Congrats Drew!

What are your thoughts on the recent developments in sports? Who you got in the Super Bowl? Who you got in the Australian Open? What basketball team do YOU like?

Talk to me people 🙂



Championship Weekend!

It’s championship weekend folks. We are at that sad time of year where, there are only 3 football games left in the season 😦 Well…four if you count the Pro-Bowl..but who counts the Pro Bowl? So here is my analysis of the upcoming games, but I have fully accepted at this point that I have lackluster success when it comes to picking winners.

AFC Championship: Jets vs. Colts 3pm CBS

I think this is going to be the lackluster matchup of the weekend. Throw out the fact that the Jets ‘ruined’ the Colts perfect season a few weeks ago. Indianapolis ruined their OWN season by pulling starters and making a calculated decision that they think, at the time, made the most sense to get their team to the Super Bowl. We will see if that all pays off this Sunday. (It will be interesting, if the Colts DO win the Super Bowl to hear the chatter about whether that decision was worth it) Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though, the Colts have to get past the on-fire Jets to do it. I think that they will. While there is a lot to like about the Jets team: a rookie QB, solid defense and a loud-mouth coach, I think their lucky streak runs out here. Peyton Manning is ridiculously experienced, as are other players on the team, and its hard to believe it’s Jim Caldwell’s first year as head coach. I’ve never seen Peyton Manning choke. Not once in his entire career. I don’t think the first time will be tomorrow. The Colts’ junior varsity squad lost to the Jets in Week 16. organization…after Manning was pulled out. So it’s been a great season, Jets. Sanchez, you have firmly cemented yourself as the future of that and gained some experience. You’ll be a force to reckon withe next year, and I would have taken you guys over the Ravens, but the Colts are too good. No one has beaten their starters for an entire year…and it won’t start now.

Blossoming into a fine QB right in front of our eyes

NFC Championship: Vikings vs. Saints 6:40pm Fox

THIS.IS.IT. The match-up we’ve ALL been waiting for. The match-up we’ve all been hoping for. Thank God the NFC playoffs have gone ‘as planned,’ and we have this epic showdown. It’s gonna be a GOOD ONE folks. You’ve got the Vikings, who have blossomed into the powerhouse we always knew they could be when they got the QB situation figured out (Sorry, Tavaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels) It was worth the wait. At 40 years old, Brett Favre has been amazing, throwing for 33 touchdowns and over 3,000 yards. (and I HATE to admit it) Adrian Peterson is completely awesome and the defense is playing solid. The Vikings have proven to be a difficult team to beat all season.

Striking resemblance to Benedict

If anyone can do it…it’s the New Orleans Saints. I like the Saints. I really do. I WANT them to win. There are so many interesting aspects of this story. Drew Brees has really blossomed since he went to the Saints. After a successful career at Purdue, leading the team to a Rose Bowl, it seemed like Brees might be exactly like a countless number of other quarterbacks that thrive in college but not in the NFL (Tim Tebow will soon be added to the list) Since going to New Orleans, Brees has made an astonishing impact and has become the franchise quarterback that he always knew he could be. Reggie Bush is playing IMPECCABLY. Seriously, it looks like he’s back at USC rolling through the PAC-10 conference with such ease.

So I would say, undoubtedly that the Quarterback/Runningback combos on these respective teams are as even as you can get. So what’s going to make the difference? Two Words: Jeremy Shockey. Shockey plays rough and tough and has an incredible amount of charisma. He is, without doubt, one of the ten best tight ends in the NFL and he WANTS it. He is a game changer.

back when he was clean-cut

Percy Harvin for the Vikings is awesome too, but with this mysterious injury and his lack of practice this week, look fo rhim to be less effective in the game…if he even plays it all.

I want the Saints to win, I’m not sure they will but I WANT them to. It’s a great story, it’s a team with a lot of great players and it’s a city that is still reeling from the effect of Hurricane Katrina. Let’s not mention that I don’t want to hear the media hype about Favre returning to the Super Bowl. I hate Brett Favre. He is the epitome of jags. Just because you’re talented, doesn’t mean you get to do whatever you want. I think it’s lame that Favre needs the feel to prove himself to ANYONE, especially his old organization–but I think he’s done that. I don’t think anyone will say that Favre is too old to play… If I remember correctly, I think it was just ‘We’re sick of doing this see-saw will he come back or not sooner rather than later and just want to know’ So, we all know Brett Favre won’t quit us, but dammit  can we please quit Brett Favre? I’m sick of his story, I don’t care that he ‘s still got it.’ To quote my friends on Twitter “Rather than see Favre’s ‘pants on the ground’, I’d rather see his ass on the ground tomorrow.” I hope it happens.

What are your thought? Do you think the Jets can take out the colts? Who do you think is going to win this dog fight in the NFC on Sunday? What are your thoughts on Brett Favre?

Talk to me people 🙂



Sports Digest 1.16.10

Lots of awesome sporting events this weekend! Here is a preview! 🙂


So,  my NFL picks last week weren’t in much better shape than my BCS bowl picks but I  DID get my upset special correct. So here is a quick breakdown of who I ‘THINK’ will take it this week, although I’m fully aware that, because I pick these teams, they have a bigger probability of LOSING 🙂

  • Jets vs. Chargers-I’m going with the Chargers on this one. After their usual tepid start, the team is on FIRE and are winners of 11 straight. While I’m not a full believer in Phillip Rivers (he’s a jag too), I think the Chargers are a perrenial powerhouse. I am a HUGE fan of LT, not just because of his athletic ability, but also how he carries himself as a person. As for the Jets, it’s clear that the defense is carrying this team, but props to Mark Sanchez who turned in a solid effort last week against the Bengals (Everyone else finally on the ‘Palmer sucks’ bandwagon?’) I just don’t see him being able to stop the Chargers. I don’t think the Chargers are going to win the Superbowl–> they’ll run into Indy next week, but they won’t go out to the Jets either. But it’s been a fantastic end to a shaky rookie season by Sanchez where he notched his all important first playoff win.
  • Ravens vs. Colts– For many of the same reasons above, I pick the Colts. Ravens on a hot streak but it will end when they run into a team that is just all around better. Then I can breathe a sigh of relief because, as a Steelers fan, I hate the Ravens and I want nothing more than to see them lose. Especially when their motto is ‘Purple Power’…gag me.
  • Cardinals vs. Saints — This is my *Upset special* for the week folks. The Saints are awesome…and I WANT them to win, but they’ve been playing like dirt the last three weeks, with all of their starters IN. I’m not exactly sure what has been going on with them, but it’s almost like only one team needed to beat them and now every team can. The Cardinals have an AWFUL defense (yea they made that LAST play last week, but no one talked about how Aaron Rodgers had the nastiest face mask call I’ve seen in ten years and no one called it) but they also have Kurt Warner, and I think we all know not to ever count Kurt Warner out. Also, with some more legitimate rumors that this is Warner’s last season, I think the motivational factor for the Cards is at an all time high. So I’d hate to see it happen but I think it will, since the Saints are in this unbelievable funk.
  • Cowboys vs. Minnesota — after careful consideration, I’m NOT jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon. Ok, they beat up the Eagles three times this year, a team their familiar with. Romo seems to have broken his December/January streak, but we’re talking about Brett Favre and Adrian Peterson here. Brett Favre, as much as I hate to admit it, is still freaking awesome. He threw for 33 touchdowns this year and over 3,000 yards, add in Adrian Peterson and his PHENOMENAL year and you have the two best offensive weapons in the game…on one team. (Chris Johnson and Brees/Manning are all excellent, but they are on three different teams) No matter what anyone says, Romo and Barber are NOT the duo to take out the Vikings. I know there’s been some drama with Favre and Childress (seriously tho, after awhile, doesn’t everyone notice that the common equation in ALL of these tifts over the past couple years is Favre) but expect that to fall by the way-side. Vikings will win this one, but I expect the Cowboys to put up a decent fight

College Basketball

No. 5 ‘Cuse vs N0.9 WVU –today at noon. I think Syracuse will handle this one well. In my opinion, WVU ALWAYS seems to have a higher ranking than they deserve. They don’t seem able to put together a solid 40 minutes of basketball and always end up in the middle of the pack in the BIG EAST, (which makes them better than most of the teams in the US) So I’m saying ‘cuse take its.

Side Note: HOW DID KANSAS FALL ONLY FALL FROM NO.1 TO NO.3 AFTER LOSING TO NO. 15 TENNESSEE?! We got ourselves a ‘USC/BCS’ situation here…and I don’t like it.

What do YOU think about the NFL playoffs? What CBB do you like? Tune in tomorrow for my Australian Open preview (just in time!)


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