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Chicago Sports Challenge: Da’ Bears

Below is Laura’s post on her first Bears game–check out the Chicago Sports Challenge here:

The Inaugural Bears Experience

Born in 1985 and having lived in Chicago for all of my 25 years, it’s about time that I attended my first Bears game. I know this post is a few months behind the ball as the Bears vs. Jets game that was my first Soldier Field experience was months ago but I still believe my experience and emotions concerning this important ‘first’ are still worth sharing.

Home of Da' bears

Gameday was cold and snowy, just as it should  be. But I didn’t really feel the cold the entire game. The atmosphere is electric, the fans, incredible. Being at the game really gives  you this sense that Chicagoans are a passionate, tough and resilient bunch (yes, some of us fit the super fan stereotype, I’ll even cop to enjoying an Italian sausage while at the game )– but we’re so much more. Being there made you feel like the players were actually playing for the city and watching Matt Forte score the first TD of the game, I felt oddly connected to him just by being in the stadium. One thing is for sure, actually being there intensifies everything, every  completed pass thrills and every hard hit chills. Actual scores, forget about it.

I loved being a part of the team for that afternoon and a part of the diehard fan base for life. I’ll always be happy and proud to be a Bears fan and yes, maybe frustrated. Bears fans are not kidding around with their love of the team and the city. Being a part of that for an afternoon was a memorable experience to be sure. And as always, makes me proud to be a part of Chicago.


Blah Blah Blah NFL Negotiations Blah

The owners and NFLPA meet today for the first time in what seems like forever to help stave off a potential lockout/strike for the 2011 season. With teams giving the go-ahead for the union to decertify left and right, we’re getting a little (read: A LOT) concerned about the state of the 2011 NFL season. Yes, on one hand it’s incredibly infuriating that you have millionaire crying about being treated unfairly (players), while you have billionaires who are too stubborn to lose a fraction of their income (owners).  It can seem to be a bit much to keep track of, so Laura and I are here to provide the quick and dirty guide on a few of the hot-button topics between the owner and the NFLPA.

18 Game Schedule

Laura: Hmmm, an 18 game schedule. I am not sure this is a subject I SHOULD have an opinion on. After all, I am a lowly PR professional and have never had the determination, strength or ability to compete at a high level in sports. I only like to watch it on TV and generally prefer that someone else entertain me with insane grabs in the end zone (Devin Hester, you are ridiculous!) , beautiful spirals and the crunch of great tackle when helmet meets pads. I work hard at my job daily and sometimes stress or longer hours makes me eat a little less healthy or feel worn out. But I don’t put my longevity and health on the line weekly for the entertainment of others.

I don’t want to hear it’s what they get paid for. I know that, I went to college. I am just pointing out, it’s not really for me to have an opinion on whether or not they should put their big, strong bodies against other insanely strong and big bodies for more games that count during the season. The risks here are high. What I will do is point out a few pros and cons if the 18 games will be passed (and it’s looking more likely every day.)


–          Everyone will make more money (players, owners, merchandisers, television stations etc).

–          The football season (that matters) will be longer, I love that, it’s too short already.

–          Fans will love it–two more weeks of tailgating, drinking and screaming on Sunday? Sold.


–          No matter how you slice it, the athletes’ careers will be shorter

–          Preseason serves a purpose–one of my favorite players of all time is Tom Waddle, he would have never seen a start in a Bears uniform if it weren’t for his preseason performance. There are countless other examples that verify this claim–see: Sam’s Dennis Dixon.

–          Playoffs may prove to be less exciting as two more games every season are undeniably going to wear these guys out.

–          There could be  more tragedy in the game. An increased schedule increasing the chances of injury.  

Rookie Salary Cap

Sam: Unlike Laura, I do have an opinion and, if you know me a loud one 🙂 I’m siding with the NFLPA on this one. There absolutely, 100% SHOULD be a rookie salary cap. How many times have we seen a rookie sign a ridiculous contract for a crazy amount of money and get hurt in the beginning of the season because of the heightened level of play? Matt Stafford, Kellen Winslow Jr. and my boy Paul Posluzny come to mind.

Or worse yet, how about when a player is signed and just plain SUCKS in the NFL? Akilli Smith? David Carr? Carson Palmer (yes he SUCKS), JAMARCUS RUSSELL or Ki-Jana Carter? These 22-year-old kids enter the NFL and are set financially for life before they take their first snap on the field. What’s worse, is that if their proposed contract isn’t at a tacky and gaudy level-well, then they hold out and refuse to sign. Before they step foot on the field. See, I’m in this camp that you have to PROVE your worth before you get a diva attitude and I agree with the NFLPA that the money that, more often than not, is WASTED on rookie talent would serve a better purpose to veteran players that have already proved their worth and have sacrificed their bodies for the game.

Perecentage of Revenue to Players

Currently, players receive 59% of owner revenue for salary purposes–a percentage which the owners want to decrease citing increased costs. Which, let’s get serious, is a bullshit claim. Even with the recession, the owners are making an ISH load of money…the average NFL team is valued at 1.2 billion dollars–down from 1.4 billion last year. While that drop is alarming, it doesn’t justify screwing the players to a lower percentage of revenue. They are the money makers, they are the ones that sacrifice their bodies (albeit for a ridiculous amount of money). I do not watch football to see Jerry Jones or Al Davis (although they think I do), I watch it for the ATHLETES. The amount of money that it costs a FAN (’cause that’s who it’s really all about..right? ;)) to go see a game is ABSURD, and I do not believe it’s because the players take 59% of revenue. I believe it’s ’cause the owners are greedy and mark the hell up out of their product. It’s simple, we all do, that’s good business, but what’s bad business is to be a cheap skate and screw your employees and make them disgruntled.  Need more proof? see Clark Griswold’s reaction below to finding out that his Christmas bonus is to be enrolled in a Jelly Of The Month Club 😉

OOOOH we KNOW you have opinions.

Lay ’em on us!

–Laura and Sam


Tailgating: What’s College Without It?

Two weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel to Columbus, OH for business.  Much like Sam, my favorite time during my job is when my two favorite things, sports and public relations combine. This “business” just happened to center around The Ohio State vs. Miami football game, a game that was being hailed throughout the previous week as THE game to watch. Did it turn out to be a great game? Not really. Unless a great game to you is watching one team dominate the other in all three arenas – offense, defense and special teams. And, I suppose if you’re an Ohio State fan, this is the type of game you like to watch.

Buckeye Stadium

The real impact made from my trip to campus had more to do with pre-game traditions. I went to a very small school and while I received a wonderful education, met solid people, developed solid friendships and good memories – I never tailgated. Can you believe it? I truly believe there is something missing from your college experience when you don’t. Maybe that is why I love college football so much now, in my mid-twenties. The tailgaters at The Ohio State seem to know how to do it right. Everyone from age 0-60 was dressed in red and white. They brought grills, boom boxes, games, magazines, padded chairs, you name it. And the best part– they offer every passerby to share in their tailgate. They try and welcome strangers in as family and I was offered several beers while perusing the various set ups. The air was slightly chilled that day, perfect for football and comradery. The spirit in the air and people yelling O-H-I-O as they walked into the stadium for kick off gave me goose bumps. And while I didn’t get to see the game, I was happy to be on campus to just get that special Big Ten tailgate feeling.

Tailgating at OSU

What is your best tailgating memory? Was your school big on it? Is it college football WITHOUT the tailgating?

Talk to us, we’d love to hear!



Football is Upon Us! 2010 College Football Preview

As Laura alluded to yesterday, we here at Chicks Dig Sports are completely tickled that it’s fall. There are multiple reasons for this: we hate humidity, we love fall scents and we’re absolutely and totally crazy about football. It’s not that we don’t have exciting and fun summer flings with baseball, casually date basketball or have a committed relationship with hockey. But football? Well it’s our one true love. The one we’re absolutely crazy about and, if we had to choose, would hands down be the single sport we could watch the rest of our lives.

While we still have to wait a little over a week for the NFL to start, it is college football eve. We’re so excited (and you should be too!) Hell, I say we’d consider smacking a big smooch on Lee Corso. Below you’ll find our top pre-season college coaching stories and our predictions for the 2010 NCAA season. Don’t hold your breath folks, this is a long one! 🙂  

Coaching Carousel

Every off-season, the coaching carousel spins round and round and this year is no exception. These coaches are the ones to watch as they have the most to gain (and lose!) this season.

Lane Kiffin-as most of you know, I’m not a fan of the man, to put it lightly. I find him to be classless, arrogant and have no respect for the game. His inaugural rookie NCAA head coach season was lukewarm at best, how is he going to fair with a storied program like USC?  Well, it really doesn’t matter, to tell you the truth, because USC is ineligible for bowl games until 2013. So Kiffin can go undefeated, but if he doesn’t, and he fails like he’s pretty much done with every program he’s touched, it doesn’t matter, cause they aren’t eligible anyway. Consider me pissed he has an automatic two-year cushion.

Rich Rodriguez-Michigan is in the running for my least favorite team in the entire sporting world. I enjoy their losing almost as much as I enjoy watching Penn State win. That being said, Rich Rod is on thin ice, this season will be make or break for him. After two dismal seasons and a pathetic “I wasn’t aware of what was going on” excuse and the man is already on borrowed time.

Urban Meyer-He goes on an indefinite leave of absence, he’s back, he’s sick, he’s not, he’s coaching. I suppose if I was Urban Meyer, I’d go through a crisis with Tebow graduating, but his back and forth was completely unnecessary and absolutely absurd. Most coaches, when they lose their marquee player (which in a best case scenario happens every four years), regroups and devises a new plan of attack. Meyer throws a public hissy fit in front of the nation and, after assessing that his squad will be competitive enough to compete this season, comes back. Pressure’s on Urban, but only because YOU brought it by your silly antics.

Brian Kelly-First year Notre Dame Coach…do we need to say anything else?

Conference Predictions:

Big Ten

  • Sam’s Pick: Iowa. Fresh off an Orange Bowl win and with Stanzi back in charge, these corn-fed Iowa boys have been chomping at the bit to continue their success of recent seasons. Add in the fact that Pryor just can’t seem to get it together in the big game and the Hawkeyes should have a clear path to the Rose Bowl if they play smart.
  • Laura’s Pick: Terrell Pryor will come into his own this year. He’s athletic and a born leader, with all the practice he’s put in over the off-season his throw should be better now too. He may never be the total package, but he’ll come pretty close this season and lead Ohio State to win the conference.

Big 12 North

  • Sam’s Pick: Nebraska. Is there anyone else worth mentioning in this division? Plus they have one more chance to make their mark before jumping ship for the Big Ten next year.
  • Laura’s Pick: Nebraska. For reasons above.

Big 12 South

  • Sam’s Pick: Texas Tech. In a good position with dual QB’s Potts and Sheffield, Texas Tech is way better off than conference rivals Texas and Oklahoma who have extremely green QBs. (Obviously, Laura has more faith in Jones that I do.)
  • Laura’s Pick: Oklahoma. Landry Jones was forced into a leadership role before he was ready and onto the national stage when Sam Bradford went down. He’s gotten experience under his belt and coaches don’t come better than Bob Stoops, with him at the head of the program the Sooners are always, calm, cool, collected and all football, all the time. I do hope Oklahoma State give them a run for their money – I love that team, they play with so much heart and their coach, well, “He’s a man, he’s forty!”

PAC 10

  • Sam’s Pick: Oregon. Always a solid program, the Ducks have USC out of contention this year. Look for them to shine through a victory in the Civil War and secure a spot in the Rose Bowl.
  • Laura’s Pick: StanfordAndrew Luck is a stud, this potential Heisman candidate and badass (former Bear) Jim Harbagh have this division locked up.

Big East:

  • Sam’s Pick: Syracuse. Why the hell not? Cincinnati surely isn’t repeating.
  • Laura’s Pick: Pitt. Wandstadt is valuable sometimes right?…Right?


  • Sam’s Pick:  Boise State. Love everything about Boise State down to their blue field. Shame the BCS will never allow them to play for the national championship, even with consecutive undefeated seasons.
  • Laura’s Pick: Boise State. I just love this program, always the unsung hero of college football. These guys have great talent, coaching but often miss out on the national stage.

*Note the same reasoning for TCU to take it all in the Mountain West.


  • Sam’s Pick: Miami. This is Miami’s comeback year. They’ve been middling since the departure of Shockey, McGahee and *gasp* Dorsey in the early 00’s. This year, they’re poised to return to their glory days and be right where they belong at the top of the division.
  • Laura’s Pick: Virginia Tech. Always a solid program. With a weak division like the ACC, they should be able to easily play their way into a New Year’s Day bowl game.


  • Sam’s Pick: Alabama. Ingram’s knee trouble may be a factor, but Alabama led by veteran coach Nick Saban, has all the tools to make another title run. Factor in a Tebow-less Florida (Urban Meyer’s built-in excuse) and the hardest division in college football should be prime for the taking.
  • Laura’s Pick: Alabama. Nick Saban is the most no-nonsense coach in college ball and you’ve got to love his halftime interviews. With Ingram returning and a corral of running back studs and McElroy turning out not half bad performances most of the time, I would say they’re a lock. Sometimes it can be hard to repeat, as long as they don’t crumble underneath self-imposed pressure, they should lock things up.

BCS Championship Game

  • Sam’s Pick: Alabama vs. Ohio State. Not because they’re pre-season #1 and #2, but because they will have time to stumble early on (by both losing to PSU ;-)) and will have plenty of time to steady out to regain the #1 and #2 spots.
  • Laura’s Pick: Oklahoma vs. Ohio State.

That’s a wrap, folks! What are your thoughts?? We KNOW you have some, and we’re always up for discussion! What do you agree with? What are we totally off on? Which of the four coaches is on the thinnest of ice? Who are the sleepers?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, you can find the full pre-season AP list here.

As always, talk to us people…have we mentioned how much we love fall?  🙂

–The Chicks


New Chick Alert! Introducing: Laura Colar

Hi Everybody! 

Yes, it’s been FOREVER since I’ve updated and yes, I’m going to promise to update more (but you’ve heard that all before!) What makes this time different? Well I’ve recruited a pretty fantastic chick to help me stay on my game and contribute to this fantastic little blog. I’d proud to bring  Laura Colar: (@laurlye) to Chicks Dig Sports. Laura and I work in our “real lives” together and have had many sports debates while waiting for the microwave to free up, sitting through staff meetings and getting our creative on in brainstorm sessions. The quick and dirty on Laura: Blondie, Valpo Alum, Chicago sports fanatic, Jay Cutler obsessed and gym enthusiast. Expect some great posts from her–she’s bound to give me a run for my money! Below is her first post ever…just in time for college football season! So this time folks, expect fresh content, cause damn it, there are two of us now, and well, now we are living up to the blog name ‘ChickS Dig Sports.’  Welcome aboard, Laura!! 😀 

New Chick Alert!

The Inaugural Post: 

In my opinion, it’s been a long, hot, awful summer.  It started off well, with the charmingly bearded and always mumbling Chicago Blackhawks capturing the Stanley Cup in game six of championship series. Since the day of the parade, Chicago has been a sticky, uncomfortable place both in terms of the weather and our sports teams. The Cubs have been lethargic and turned out sad performances. The White Sox have done well but the drama surrounding Ozzy Guillen’s relationship with Kenny Williams has distracted from their success and has gotten really old, really fast. Baseball in and of itself hasn’t engaged me this season, but to be fair, it’s never been the sport that gets my blood flowing. 

What does? FOOTBALL. I enjoy and appreciate the game so much, I look for ways to tie my preseason predictions into conversations where frankly, I know they don’t belong. I could watch montages of football highlights for solid days, as long as there is a steady flow of chips, guacamole and either Sam Adams or Shiner Bock. I love the Xs and the Os, the ones that I can understand anyway (I do not claim to have the intricate knowledge of an ex-player). I love the strategy, I love the heart, I love the athleticism, I love the personalities, I love the explosiveness and the unpredictability. I love that one season a player may be classified as completely washed up and the next season he proves everyone wrong and heads to the Pro Bowl. I love that football allowed a grocery clerk to become a future hall of famer. 

The summer is coming to an end and frankly, I couldn’t be happier. Give me 68 degree days with a soft breeze and orange leaves. Give me a gray Saturday morning, a cup of steaming coffee and Lee, Chris, Kirk and Desmond breaking down college games across the country and give me Sunday afternoons speeding home from church to fire up the grill and spend the next few hours flipping between games. Give me a road trip through the beautiful cornfields of Indiana to be enveloped in the school spirit at Norte Dame and take in a game at one of the most storied universities in the country. 

My name  is Laura and I love football. Join me this fall as I revel in everything that is this sport, both college and professional. It should be a good time and I can’t wait. 

Everyone make sure to swing by the comments and welcome Laura aboard 🙂 and look forward to our college preview tomorrow, which admittedly, we are getting up by the skin of our teeth!

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