Super Bowl (& Commercials) Wrap-Up

Congratulations to the New Orleans Saints. They earned their Super Bowl win. The reason why the Saints won last night is because they were playing to win the game. The Colts were playing not to lose the game. That’s a BIG difference. Payton has balls of steel. Seriously, he does. He goes for it on fourth down near the end of the first half and follows it with an on-side kick to start the second half. That was THE game changer. Even if that onside kick didn’t work out, I would have admired his guts. He had faith in his team to pull off the improbable and he was right. Congrats to Drew Bress who was OUTSTANDING completing 32 of 39 passes. This was a hell of a Super Bowl…is it time for pre-season football yet?! (Steelers WILL play at New Orleans next season…already can’t wait!)

Brees with his son...so touching.

That being said, let’s talk about commercials. There were some good ones this year and I enjoyed the commercials A LOT more than in the past. Below are some of my favs. I’d like to say though, that Go Daddy are a bunch of nimrod assholes. Obviously, Go Daddy think that only men use services to register Web sites. (I can tell you I’ll register with another company) Go Daddy also must buy into the fact that sex is the only way to sell a product. Go Daddy must also lack any kind of intellectual stimulus to create any ad that would be original. Go Daddy must also be run by pre-pubescent 13 year old boys that have their dad’s Playboy’s hidden underneath their mattresses. Seriously guys, grow up. You give ALL men a bad name. You’re cavemen, juvenile and your shtick is old. Oh and Danica Patrick, enough people hate you and don’t think you belong in the world of NASCAR…way to alienate the women that are actually on your side by starring in such sexist commercials. FAIL. *Rant done…stepping off soap box*

There were a lot of commercials I DID like.

My favorite of the night was the Snickers/Betty White commercial. At 88 years old, Betty White is having the year of her life! Her popularity is through the roof, she won the Lifetime Acheivement Award at SAGs, she stars in this commercial and there’s a large movement brewing to get her to host Saturday Night Live. Loved this commercial for so many reasons but my favorite has to be Betty’s trash talk while in the huddle.

Budweiser/Bud Light had a lot of misses this year. The house full of Bud Light cans was stupid, the rocket launch one was silly and the horse/cow one seemed SO promising but then didn’t go anywhere. Bud Light completely KILLED it on this one though: the auto-tune. A lot has been talked about with auto-tone in music lately (my boy Jay-Z, called for the death of it last summer) so it awesome to see what it would be like if auto-tune was in real life. The cameo by T-Pain is HILARIOUS. “Pass the guaca-moooo-lllleeee!

Doritos was really good this year too. What’s awesome about Doritos is that they issue an open call for Super Bowl ads and produce them. This is a company that seems directly in tune with its target audience. My favorite Doritos commercial is the baby putting his mother’s date in place.

E* Trade

These talking baby commercials are always dead on. Funniest phrase of the night?  Milk-a-what?!

Naturally I really enjoyed the Polamalu commercial too. Polamalu is my FAVORITE Steeler. I adore everything about him. So, if I couldn’t see him in the big game at the end of the year, I was glad to see him in this capacity.

I know I’m in the minority here, but I thought the Google commercial was lame. I’m worried about all these people that have drank the kool-aid from Apple and Google and can’t admit with something is underwhelming. (*cough Ipad*)

What commercials did you like? What are you thoughts on Go Daddy? What did you think of the game?

Talk to me people 🙂



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