Super Bowl 44 Preview

This is it folks. The game that matters. Super Bowl 44. This year, the big game is being hosted in tropical Miami, Florida, featuring the two best teams in football:  the New Orleans Saints vs. the Indianapolis Colts. During the course of the year, these two  teams played excellent football, had a shot at going 16-0 and deserve to be in the final game of the season. This is the first Super Bowl since 1993, where both #1 seeds reached the game. This is shaping up to be an excellent game even though I naturally prefer to have the Steelers in the Super Bowl.

So whose gonna win? Honestly, I can say it’s anybody’s game right now. Lots of exciting, marquee players in this one. For the Colts, there’s the prodigal Manning, Jeff Saturday and Dwight Freeney (who despite the RIDICULOUS media hulabaloo about his injury WILL play tonight) and Hank Baskett (who is in a lovely position to obtain a Super Bowl ring for making one catch this entire season.) The Saints have Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and Jeremy Shockey.

I’m SO excited to see such an awesome match-up of QB’s. We’ve had some great QB match ups in previous years (Baby Manning vs. Brady, Big Ben vs. Warner, Prodigal Mannings vs Rex Grossman 😉 haha ) but I’m more excited to see this match up than any in recent years. Both quarterbacks threw for over 4,000 yards and 30 touchdowns. Manning won the MVP award and Bress won the FedEx Air Player of the year. This should prove to be an epic QB showdown.

Two of the greats

I want the Saint’s to win. I think they’re a great story, but I think the Colts are going to win this one. It simply comes down to defense. As we all know, defense wins Championships. What this boils down to is the NFL’s 9th ranked total offense against the NFL’s 25th ranked defense. I think that Peyton Manning will make pretty easy work of the Saints D. The Saints WILL NOT go down without a fight, they have the NFL’s Number One offense. They are explosive and, with so many weapons, unpredictable. I think Brees should be able to take care of his part, but unfortunately, one player doesn’t make a team.

Three quick notes: 1) I get why the Super Bowl is held in warm weather and in domes, but man, I’d love to see a cold weather Super Bowl once in my life. 2) I think these announcers saying that Peyton Manning’s legacy and first ballot entry into the Hall of Fame depend on this game are complete and total idiots. 3) The NFL released that the official Super Bowl twitter hashtag is #SB44 … in case you’re following. Technololgy, i have SUCH a love/hate relationship with you.

Just a few more hours til’ we see who hoists the elusive Lombardi Trophy.  Enjoy your Super Bowl parties, games, the commercials and The Who at half time (If I said *yawn* would that make me ridiculously ignorant?)

It never looks as good as when it's in the hands of a Steeler

Who do you think is gonna win? Whose gonna be MVP? (Manning!) What are your Super Bowl plans?

Talk to me people…and enjoy the game!



3 Responses to “Super Bowl 44 Preview”

  1. 1 Sporting Dude
    February 7, 2010 at 4:46 pm

    Yards are a consequence of starting field position. While cumulative yards matter for individuals, yards are meaningless to rank offenses or defenses.

    The correct way to rank defenses is by points per play given up and points per play scored by offenses.

    Colts had the second best defense in the NFL against teams with records of 7-9 or better. The Saints, while having a good team, ranked further down the list.

    So the number one Saints offense as measured against teams with records of 7-9 or better goes up against the number two Colts defense.

    We hope for a good game as we’ve been lucky this decade with close Super Bowls.

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