What’s USC’s problem??

Lane Kiffin? REALLY?? REALLY?! What the hell is going on??

USC…one of the most respected collegiate football programs of all time hires LANE KIFFIN?! LANE KIFFIN!!!

What exactly has Lane Kiffin done to prove himself as a coach? Other than lead the Raiders to an abysmal 4-12 record in 2007? Or lead the team in 2008 to a 1-3 start before he was canned by Al Davis. His 20 game stint as Raiders head coach ended in a 5-15 record. To clarify, that means he wins 25% of the time….or as Brian Fantana would say 60% of the time, it works every time.

After getting fired from the Raiders, Kiffin takes a job with Tennessee. Let’s just quickly delve into the shit storm that Kiffin started during his 12-month tenure at Tennessee.  First, he calls out Florida coach Urban Meyer  for illegal recruiting practice. A claim he defends as being ok because they were just “comments he made at a breakfast,” yea, a public breakfast. (Note: in doing so he actually violated NCAA policy HIMSELF. whoops. might want to brush up on collegiate rules there, Lane) Then, he insults the high school of a player he is trying to recruit. Awesome. Let’s follow that up by publicly commenting on a recruitable NCAA player (once again, not allowed there pal). Add in some public, unfounded remarks about SEC rivals Georgia (“our program doesn’t need to cheat”) and South Carolina (“if you end up being a gamecock you’re going to pump gas the rest of your life”) and you have a huge mess. Not to mention, that Kiffin ends the season 7-6 with a loss in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl. Then he abandons the program for the USC job.  And on top of it all, his name is LANE. What an Asshole.

And what the hell is USC thinking? What in the previous two paragraphs screams Marquee Coach? You cannot POSSIBLY tell me that USC thinks this is a good coaching move? Why? Cause Kiffin isn’t afraid to play a little dirty and clean a little house? Well he plays REALLY dirty, not only that but he has NOTHING to backup that he’s a good coach. Out of the 37 games he’s coached as a head coach at ANY level of football, he has won 13. 13 of 37. WTF USC?! WTF?! Do you really think that Kiffin can keep your program elite? Can compete in Rose Bowls and National Championships? I learned something young in life, don’t write checks your ass can’t cash, and Lane Kiffin just wrote the $140,000 Lamborghini from Dumb & Dumber.  So, while I probably would have applauded Kiffin for his call outs had he ACTUALLY BEAT FLORIDA, but he didn’t. Maybe even if he would have PROOF that Georgia cheats…but he DOESN’T. You get my point?

No matter what, I just have no respect for someone that doesn’t have a sense of sportsmanship (i.e. Bill Belichick) and Lane Kiffin falls DIRECTLY into that category.  Also, lets talk about the issue of LOYALTY. or should I say the lack of loyalty. I hate to say it but damn, doesn’t that mean ANYTHING anymore. I already know the answer is no, but it’s still hard to see every time. Kiffin signed a SIX YEAR DEAL, starts a completely unnecessary shit storm, and ABANDONS the team while leaving it an ABSOLUTE mess. It shouldn’t be allowed. Maybe UT thought it was the lesser of two evils, as I hear that Kiffin had to pay UT a cool $1 million to be released from his contract. I’m sure they’re probably relieved that Kiffin is somebody else’s problem now. But man, what an asshole. A bona-fide, unqualified asshole.

USC, You got some major ‘splaining to do.



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