Happy last day of 2009! Naturally, the new year always starts with a slew of BCS bowl games to waste away your first day of the year and (hopefully) watch some really solid competitions. Below are my predictions for the BCS bowl games and, of course, my outlook on my beloved Nittany Lions 🙂


Ohio State vs. Oregon

Ah the Rose Bowl, in my opinion the BEST bowl…save for the BCS Championship game. I remember last year’s Rose Bowl when my Lions decided not to show up until the 4th quarter and lost handily to Mark Sanchez and the USC Trojans. (Karma stings you though, as Sanchez is having a shaky-at-best rookie season in the NFL). This year it’s the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. the Oregon Ducks. Oregon has put together a solid season. Heck, I honestly can’t remember what has happened to Oregon since Joey Harrington left (another NFL failure) But I do hope this is a good game.

And by good game, I mean I hope that Oregon beats the snot out of Ohio State. Aside from just hope, I think it will happen for two reasons.

  1. Ohio State has had an extremely lackluster season. This is the same team that LOST TO PURDUE (granted they beat the Lions, but still!) I think everyone agrees that if Ricky Stanzi had stayed healthy, Iowa would have this position in the Rose Bowl. Add in the fact that the Big Ten has really turned into a joke of a conference over the past decade and i don’t think Ohio State has a fighting chance.
  2. Ohio State is INCAPABLE of winning the big game. Ohio State has lost EVERY prime-time game they have been in over the past couple years, including but not limited to, two BCS championships, a loss to Texas in the Fiesta Bowl last year and a loss to USC on television this year. For whatever reason, the Buckeyes get nervous when the nation is watching. Add in the fact that I saw Terrell Pryor crying on television last year when he lost to Penn State and the lingering doubt about his capabilities as a quarterback and it brews trouble.

Ohio State does have an excellent defense though and they are due for a win,  but I hope Oregon creams them..but it should be closer than I hope for.

SUGAR BOWL  (8:30pm FOX)

Florida vs. Cincinnati

I attended a BIG EAST school for one year. My high school football team plays a more competitive schedule than those boys in the BIG EAST but the truly remarkable think about the BIG EAST is Cincinnatti. Honorable mention to Pitt, who made a good run, and I think we all agree that the Pitt/Cincy game was the best game of the weekend…far outshining the SEC Championship game. Cincinatti has surely, but quietly, dismembered the BIG EAST–with their star quarterback sidelined with a wrist injury for a handful of key games this season. Let’s put this in perspective…no one in the Big Ten went undefeated, when Stanzi was hurt for Iowa the team struggled greatly. By contrast, Cincinatti overcomes the same obstacles, and though they struggled at times remained a solid team.  Cincinatti deserves it ranking and it’s spot in the sugar bowl.

Unfortunately, I think their Cinderella season stops at the All-State Sugar Bowl. Florida is a BEAST. Even though they were manhandled by Alabama, let’s not kid ourselves folks, Florida is the second best team in the nation (as much as I hate to admit it since Tebow gets on my nerves) Although Florida has been playing subpar football all season, they always find a way to win and, unfortunately, I think that they will make short work of Cincy.

The one equalizer though are the coaching debacles going on on both teams. Does anyone really know what Urban Meyer’s problem is?! Cause something fishy is going on there….and it has nothing to do with committment to coaching the team.

Then you have Brian Kelly who abandons Cincy for the magnifying glass that is the Notre Dame job. I feel for Cincy and I hope they win to shove it in Kelly’s face. I just don’t think they will. (I also think karma will get Kelly….the Notre Dame job is high pressure and far less prestigious than it use to be and this is their FOURTH Coaching change in a decade…i’m just saying) I’m rooting for you Cincy but I don’t think it will happen…even with your explosive offense.

COTTON BOWL -Jan 2- (2pm FOX)

Mississippi vs. Oklahoma State

Who cares? Um. I pick Oklahoma State because I really haven’t heard anything from Ole Miss since Eli Manning graduated.


TCU vs. Boise State

I want to first start by saying I’m sorry to both TCU and Boise State. The BCS screwed you, and screwed you royally. Putting both of you, a tale of unbeatens, cinderella stories against each other is complete and total bull shit. You should have the opportunity to take down a ‘legitimate’ BCS team. They screwed you guys by not getting a chance to prove yourselves, but take comfort because everyone knows that. Hell, Boise State, consider it an honor. When you guys beat Oklahoma with that liberty play in 2007, you scared the BCS, and people started to take notice. So much notice that they’re scared to give both you and TCU a shot.

That being said, I’m REALLY FREAKING EXCITED for this game. I don’t get to see both teams play much, but from what I know they’re awesome. TCU has a top five offense and defense and has been a dominant team all season. Ranked 3 in the AP and coaches poll, some would argue they should have a shot at the national championship. maybe in a perfect world, but you hang on tight and play a good game and you could end the year at #2 TCU…which isn’t the BCS championship, but it’s a Mountain West conference football team’s wet dream and the best they can do with the BCS in place 🙂

Boise State has been great as well. (Although their blue field pisses me off)  Boise State has been a legitimate sports threat for the past few years and have an explosive offense and an INCREDIBLE will to win (Note: the Oklahoma game from 2007) This season marks their second consecutive unbeaten season and fourth in the past five years. (WOW!)

I really cannot pick a winner on this one, as I think this is the most evenly matched bowl game–including the BCS Championship game. but I’m rooting for TCU. I’d love a ‘non-BCS’ school to end the year #2.

ORANGE BOWL -Jan 5.- 8pm

Iowa vs. Georgia Tech

I go again with ‘Who Cares?’ I’m sorry Iowa, you’ve put together a great season and you are a great story. You deserve better than to face Georgia Tech. I’m not very familiar with the ACC but I can honestly say that this is the bowl that I’m the LEAST excited for. If Stanzi had stayed healthy you’d definitely be in the Rose Bowl and a contender for that National Championship (but that would have never happened…let’s get real) I think that Iowa is going to handily take care of business. I’m not that familiar with Georgia Tech, but living in Chicago, I’m VERY familiar with Iowa and, when Stanzi is healthy, they are almost unstoppable. Solid offense, solid defense and a yes we can attitude. They also look like the Pittsburgh Steelers so it’s hard for me to hate them 🙂 But a win at the orange bowl would cap off a pretty awesome season for the Hawkeyes and I’m excited for them…even though I hate them when they dominate PSU…which they always do.


Alabama vs. Texas

Alabama. Alabama. Alabama. Alabama.

This should be a good game, and a close game, but Alabama is going to win. And deservedly so. I cannot fathom in my head how an Alabama team, who embarrassed Florida in the SEC championship game, could lose to Texas. Don’t get me wrong, Texas is good. Colt McCoy (best southern name ever) is going to be a lovely little NFL QB, and Texas is going to make a good run, but Alabama is just too dominate.

‘Bama played close with Auburn, but that’s a rivalry game where the underdog plays better (As someone who lived in Mobile, Alabama for six years of her life, I can tell you the ‘Bama/Auburn rivalry is one of the nastiest in the sport) This Alabama team has beaten FIVE ranked teams, has its first ever Heisman trophy winner in Mark Ingram and Nick Saban as head coach. Don’t get me wrong, Saban cannot coach professional football (see: Miami Dolphins Disaster) but he CAN coach collegiate football, he’s one of the greats. Alabama is RIDICULOUSLY overdue for a Championship and this will be the year.

Unless Texas has something to say about it. Texas is an awesome team in itself. The Big 12 has, over the past couple years, morphed into the second best football conference in the nation (only behind the SEC) and texas has led the charge to redefining the Big 12’s role in the sport. This 2009 team has Colt McCoy, who propels a killer offense. Their weakness is defense tho, and they have played very close games that were unnecessarily close. I mean, Nebraska was a few inches away from ending the Longhorns season. I think they’ll play ‘Bama close but I think that Alabama is one of the most solid teams I’ve seen in a long time.

And finally…



oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh WE ARE PENN STATE! 🙂 Now that I have that out of the way, I love ya lions, i do, but I think LSU has your number. I love Penn State and I would love them to win, but Penn State is grossly overrated every year 😦 Darryl Clark over throws which turns into interceptions.  When he’s bad…he’s BAD and when he’s good, he’s GOOD. like REALLY GOOD. It just depends on who decides to show up tomorrow. Our defense is good but gets tired out since we’re on the field all the damn time.

LSU has put together a fairly solid season. All three losses have been to ranked teams, including ‘Bama, Florida and Ole Miss, (huh how about that, maybe I should have heard of them!) I just keep going back to the conferences. The SEC is the best conference in college football. It’s not LSU’s fault that they have to play such perrennial powerhouses.

I went and saw PSU play against Northwestern in Chicago in October. We were down by two touchdowns at half time. Enough said. (we did rally to win but that isn’t the point)

So I love you lions, I will be rooting for you as hard as I can. I still want JoePa to be my grandpa and I look forward to next year when you play BCS Champion Alabama in game two of next year…but I think your number is up. (And I’ll take my good friend Raffi’s $20 and dignity when LSU wins 🙂 )

*honorable mention to Miami for a resurge to its football program. I miss the days of ‘The U’ dominance (with McGahee and Shockey) and since I was enrolled in The U for about six weeks, you always hold a special place in my heart.

What are your thoughts? Predicitions? What games are you most looking forward too? Happy New Years!



6 Responses to “BCS BOWL FEVER!!”

  1. 1 Twinny
    December 31, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Awesome analysis Samantha!

  2. 2 Jim
    December 31, 2009 at 10:44 pm

    Wow….Chicks DO LOVE SPORTS…..and KNOW them well! You are the BOMB!!

  3. 3 Andy
    December 31, 2009 at 11:35 pm

    I wouldn’t count PSU out just yet…LSU is pretty good in bowl season, but Darryl Clark has definitely played well enough to give them a shot. Plus, I hate LSU. 😛

  4. 5 Lil Sis
    December 31, 2009 at 11:59 pm

    In my humble opinion, PSU will put the boots to LSU. Just sayin….

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